Tuesday, October 5, 2010

the book review

Ok so I finished the book in 2 days..partly because I left it at work and didn't finish reading it till the next day. I just couldn't put it down, it was that good. I just was lazy about posting the "book review".
It was....good. So good. Emotional. Hopeful. Enlightening.
I cried. Just the thought of anything happening to my children is enough to get nightmares. So I could almost feel her pain. I could honestly empathize with her. Not to say if you don't have children you wouldn't be able to feel the pain she was feeling and not to say that the entire book was focused on the loss of her daughter. It wasn't. It wasn't mentioned till the end. But there were still many things to relate to on other levels. This book was about her life, how she became who she was. The struggles she faced along the way. She would jokingly say that God was in need of a 5th part to the Trinity named Mary Beth Chapman, she felt he needed her help. She is a perfectionist type of personality. One who needs to be control. She likes to plan things out, be organized, have schedules...God had other plans for her and her life.
I loved how honest she was in this book! It was so refreshing! She didn't sugar coat her life or her feelings. She laid it all out there. She wasn't trying to act like the perfect Christian, who never doubted or question or was angry at God, and I think it just made me admire her more for her strength and courage...her whole family's strength and courage. Some of the things God showed them before and after the death of their daughter will bring chills up your spine! It's so hard to explain, but you'll have to read it. How God brought them to her, how he showed them glimpses of hope and encouragement..is just amazing and just reaffirms my faith in him, that he is REAL.
Anyway, I don't normally get too excited over books, or autobiographies (I love reading them, but I don't get passionate about them!) but this one is a MUST read. If you just want to hear her story or to get Hope back in your life, whatever the reason. Read the book.

The End.

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