Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pig Tails

My baby girl, sporting her first pig tails. She fought me tooth and nail, but I managed to get them up and they stayed in till I put her to bed. She looks so grown up with them, not a chubby baby, but a big girl who is so full of life and love and fun. She smiles even when she's sick, she laughs when you throw her in the air, spin her around or drop/catch her. She loves her stuffed lamb and goes everywhere with it. She likes her pacifier (something I'm not used to, Ryan hated them), she loves to sing...and seems to love "Back In Your Head" by Tegan & Sara, she dances up a storm to that song! (note to self: put some Veggie Tales on my iPod) I'm so in love with her.
In the picture she's sitting in the tub (w/ Ryan) soaking in Aveeno's Oatmeal Bath for her very severe diaper rash she developed while on medication for a ping pong ball sized lump we found on her neck (most parents would be in panic, but as a child I would frequently have lumps on my neck due to swollen glands, being the dramatic child I was (am) I thought I was always dying of cancer, so I figured that was the case w/ Molly) Turns out it was just an infected lymphnode. The lump thankfully has subsided and is more the size of a pea, she is still on medication and by the end of the 2 weeks, should be down to nothing. I'm pretty thankful it was nothing major and thankful I didn't panic. She is healthy and happy and she's all mine.


  1. So Cute! Love the pigtails. I hope I get blessed with happy babies! :)


  2. Aw so cute. :) I'm so glad the swollen glands were no big deal. I probably would have panicked. Glad you didn't. :)

  3. Awww you will Katie, because you are so happy--but I bet you'll have a mini you "I do it myself" child :) Or secretly Ryan is really yours..:) haha!

    I think normally I would have panicked Kara, but growing up w/ that stuff I think I knew when Ryan first got Croup..I freaked out! Ah parenthood!!

  4. I can not believe how big she has gotten! i am glad everything is okay with her little neck.

    oh! I LOVE the pigtails!! I am so glad she let you put them in! I LOVE THEM!!