Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I was in Indy this weekend and went shopping.....

And I got this: I finally got a dress and a freaking cute one at that. It's long enough to cover most of my tree trunk legs but short enough for the Summer months. I tried it on and instantly felt like Lucille Ball (red hair and all) and wanted to do the dishes by hand, vacuum, dust and fold laundry while wearing this and heels and pearls...I think I have mentioned this a time or two that I was born in the wrong era. Ok so doing dishes by hand doesn't sound appealing, but this dress sure is! I took a pic of me in it (via cell phone) and sent it to my Hubby and he even said he loved it and it looked 50's (on me). Exactly what I was aiming for. I had some cash and that's what I used (then I realized I'm an idiot and I had a gift card, I guess I'll just have to go shopping again!)Score for a new dress to expand my bland wardrobe.

I also did some shopping at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. Both of these awesome places are NOT in my neck of the woods, so I always stock up on their goods while I'm down visiting friends.

I am now officially addicted to these:

I got them at Whole Foods, which was actually cheaper than at Trader Joe's. Usually Trader Joe's is cheaper than my local grocery store! They are packed with fiber and protein and are only 230-250 calories (this is my breakfast I'm talking about here). I grabbed 5 different flavors to try. I hate anything granola, so I didn't want to grab a case and then hate them. These are amazing, they aren't anything like granola bars (as in chunks of oats..blech) and they taste GOOD. The chocolate brownie one actually tasted like a dessert! I think I'll invest more into these Clif Bars as my routine breakfast. They are filling and keep me full till snack time!

As always an amazing time spent in Indy. I had an unexpected slumber party at my friend Lindsay's, as the weathermen in Indiana don't know how to predict weather, and it snowed like crazy in both my neck of the woods and Indy. Not that we complained...her hubby and little girl were in FL, so it was just us two! We stayed up talking and watched a movie. So thank you weathermen for not getting the weather report accurate and allowing me some much need friend time! Oh and thank you my Heavenly Father for protecting me on my drive to and from Indy and when I slid through an intersection (oops!)!

Also: Happy (belated) Birthday to my friend's daughter, Miss Abagail Lorraine! I can't believe you are 4 already!


  1. The dress is cute, Erica!! And the dessert Clif bar sounds really yummy right about now...

  2. FYI: They have Clif bars (and such) at Target. They are generally cheaper than the grocery stores. Cute dress! :)