Monday, April 11, 2011

The Weekend and Today!

No Monday Movie post today! It's a special Monday and I wanted to show some pictures of this weekend and announce to the world. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! I'm only 28 today, yes only. I feel like I should be in my 30s by now and I'm oh so impatient for it. I think I'm the only one in the world that is wishing to be 30. However, I got a few goals to meet before I'm 30. First pictures, Second goals. This weekend we did a large celebration at my parents house, since so much goes on in the first 2 weeks of April. My in-laws Anniversary, The Hubs birthday, My Birthday and my Dad's birthday (the 13th). My mom made an amazing lunch (as always), then we each got our "own" cake, blew out candles, opened presents and then had some fun playing cards and being together. Ryan loves to help my mom cook and bake. The kid is a pro at cracking eggs! He helped make homemade whip cream for The Hubs "cake", Pumpkin Pie!

The best dessert ever..My "cake", PW's Apple Dumplings!

Jimmy's "cake", Pumpkin Pie!

My Dad's cake, Boston Creme Pie (homemade frosting too!)

Ryan blowing out the candles

Ryan and me

Helping Papa blow out his candles

The presents! Papa reading to Molly
It was a perfect day! The first sunny day in weeks and it was 84!

Now for the goals:

Get pregnant this year (basically be done with having kids by the time I'm 30!)

Have a water birth

Quit my day job

Find a Part Time job that is flexible

Do Real Estate Full time

Do so good at Real Estate, I can quit my Part Time job!

Spend more time with my kids

Have more date nights with The Hubs

Paint again

Draw again

Lose 10lbs

Wear more dresses

Grow my hair out even longer

Spend more time w/ family

Give more

Love more

Take risks

Get more organized/simplify

Eat less meat/grass fed only

Plant/maintain a garden

Ok..I think I could possibly go on forever. I think these are pretty attainable goals and I've got a few years to make them all work!

I hope everyone has a happy Monday! I'm leaving work early, putting in an offer on a house, doing a little shopping for my beloved Cousin, for her baby shower this weekend and then celebrating Mexican style at Las Lomas for my birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday! Have fun celebrating tonight! Chow down - no exceptions! ;)

    BTW - love the pics of the kiddos. So cute!


  2. Yay!! Glad it was such a great weekend. And I like your goals. Dave and I may try to get pregnant again sometime in the next year (I'd like our second kid to be born before Krew turns three) - if I can convince myself to undergo the turmoil again. (I HATED HATED HATED being pregnant.)

    Waterbirth? Not for me. No way on earth I'll try to make it through another labor without drugs. If epidurals didn't exist, I honestly wouldn't have another child. Labor was that traumatic for me.

    (Did I mention it's going to take a lot of self-convincing to get pregnant again??) :)

  3. Oh Kara!!! I understand that hate for being pregnant, I don't care for it much. HOWEVER, I will say (in my case) my pregnancy with Ryan was WAY different then with Molly. Ryan's pregnancy and labor/delivery was HARD. (yay for epidurals is right, I needed one w/ that kid!)I was on bedrest, high blood pressure, back pain, headaches, you name it, it was not fun. Molly--easiest pregnancy and labor/delivery ever. Each pregnancy is (mostly) different and so are the kids! So this time around it might be easy as pie! (as easy as growing/birthing a child can be!)

    Don't let Krew's birth scare you from having another baby--you and Dave make too cute of babies to not have another one!!! :)