Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Final Countdown...

You know you just sang to yourself my blog title! Admit it!

It's getting close...Vacation that is! 3 weeks and 1 day! I have a feeling my 10lb weight loss goal won't be achieved in a mere 3 weeks. But at least 5 would even be fantastic! I'm working on it, Ripped in 30, long walks, eating good and just trying to get up and walk around at work more. Keep that body moving!

I have been making a list (one of my favorite things to do) on what to bring on vacation and I'm lacking summer clothes. like totally. So, I'm going to do a little summertime shopping this weekend in hopes of scoring some cute new clothes, yet not spend a fortune. Thank goodness for gift cards and payday!

I found these online--and bonus, I'm able to purchase them in stores. Which ones are your favorite?



Wouldn't that mustard skirt look amazing with a striped shirt?! I think I will for sure try that one on! A few are from Forever 21 and a few are from H&M (best store ever!) What do you think I should spend more on, dresses or tops?

Ahem, I'm down a pound, but I'm not sure that means anything, I can go up and down 2-3 lbs in one day! I do think I'm not drinking enough water, so I'm trying really hard to drink more. Did a 4 mile walk last night while pulling the kiddos in their wagon. It felt good, but I also felt I could have done more...good sign?!


  1. I love the mustard skirt in picture 1. I love the shoes in picture 2. And my favorite dress is #4. All cute though!

  2. I like 4 the best. 5 looks like it would be super comfortable. I'm also a fan of 3. Have fun shopping!