Wednesday, June 8, 2011

good news!

I've got some good news to share! As some of you know I've been trying to find a part time job so I can focus more on my Real Estate and be home more with my kiddos. I am not at all happy at my current full time job. I'm not happy. Period. Job or no job, if it makes you miserable is it worth it? I didn't think so.

So I was just searching for part time jobs and went to the hospital that my baby girl was born at. I thought maybe I could find a part time job somewhere in the thousands of departments they have. I found one that was clerical and just applied on a whim. I didn't think they'd call me back so I didn't pay much attention to what I was really applying for. I just hoped I got to wear scrubs. Well the next day I get a phone call. They want an interview. I was shocked and then quickly got online to figure out what I even applied for! Turns out it was for the counseling service they have for their employees and family members. (no scrub wearing involved) The hours are perfect, the job is 10 minutes from my house (35-40 min commute for me currently) great atmosphere, easy enough work, and seems like great people working there. I went to my first interview and felt really good about it. I got a call 2 days later wanting me to come in for a 2nd interview, with the manager this time. That interview was yesterday. I got there and met with the manager. The first thing she said was, "Well, this really isn't a second interview, I'm actually offering you the job." I think my jaw hit the floor, or I gasped. I don't really remember, I know it involved my mouth being open. I pretty much accepted after talking with her for awhile. I still have to work out the pay with HR, but I'm confident it will be what I'm seeking.

I don't get health insurance, but possibly will in the future. I'm ok with that. We'll figure something out. I'm not worried. We also will have our income cut drastically. Again, I'm not worried. I have this peace that everything will be fine. God will provide.

So, basically. God is faithful people. Our time is certainly not his. But he heard my cries, my heart, my desires and he planned this out so perfectly. I'm going on vacation in a few weeks, and when I get back, I will have my 2 weeks to finish up here at work and then start my new job. I will have more time with my kiddos, work hard on my real estate business and start to enjoy life. God is good people. ALL. THE. TIME. Even if we have to go through some struggles, he never leaves our side.

The photos I promised on my new goodies? Yeah, I'll have to get to that tonight. I've been feeling pretty ill the last few days and basically vegged on the couch last night watching the Voice, then after Dia from Meg&Dia sang, I popped in our new Season 5 DVD of Psych! Didn't feel like playing dress up. But, I will take some photos tonight, I got some cute new dresses and there was only one item (yes ONE) that wasn't stripes. It's a sickness.

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  1. So excited for you! What a blessing be home more with your kiddos. Hope everything transitions smoothly.