Wednesday, July 20, 2011

California Wrap

Ok to make a very drawn out week of California posts, I'm going to wrap it up today! Here are some pictures of our last week there. San Diego (gorgeous), Sea World (hot!), swimming at a friends/bbq, and Jacob with Ryan and Jacob, Aunt Lorie and Molly. Bottom line we had an amazing vacation. It was much needed and so worth every penny we spent there! Of course there were events that I didn't take pictures of, like catching up with a friend from High School who makes AH.MAY.ZING. jewelry, will have a post on her later! (and sadly no pics of us!) And other random places we went to that I failed to take a single picture of, just know this. The trip was great, I never got homesick, I did NOT get a tan (unless you count my millions of freckles as a tan?) I still worked out during vacation, we never slept in, it was sunny EVERY day and we got to see Jay Leno (ok I will do a separate post on that one, I think it deserves it!) I went up on stage and won a T-shirt.

Side Note: I have no clue why my photos look so small?!

Still will post about my sad, dear camera and then you will all see what I have been trying to work with...and why my pictures look the way they do!

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  1. I heart California! The pictures look great - even with a broken camera. Everything looks like so much fun!

    Regarding the "small" pics... one of the reasons the pics look small has to do with the layout of your blog and pixel width of the area where you post. Blogger is converting your picture-size into a width that will fit in-between the post margins. It would help to have a larger post-space to allow for larger pictures (I manually widened mine thru the html code and kept all my "buttons" to one side of the page)... make sense? There's more to it than just that, but that's a start... :)