About Me

I'm a 20-something Wife & Mom who lives in the boring Midwest and loves indie/folk/worship/ music, vintage clothing, vintage decor, thinking, singing in my car, painting, drawing, twirling in the kitchen, playing Lego's with my son, dolls with my daughter, eating, Zumba, being at the Lake, selling Real Estate, old movies, old TV shows, all things stripes, polka dots and glitter, laughing with my husband and most importantly, I LOVE JESUS.
 I would be Vegetarian if I didn't love bacon so much and Vegan if I didn't love cheese so much. I buy organic, all natural, cage free, hormone free, healthy foods. I'm also a self-diagnosed sweets addict. I'm learning to cook, be positive, cherish every moment, pray more, love more, give more and be the best wife and mom I can be.
Thanks for stopping by!