Friday, May 15, 2009

Well, I guess I've slacked off now, haven't I? Well we just got back from vacation in California and I'm still tired from it!! Ryan is now 2 years old!! He turned 2 in CA and my hubby's family had a little party for him at a park, pinata and everything, because there is no such thing as a birthday party w/o a pinata in my hubby's family!! Ryan loved it! Did some cool things, went to Disneyland on Ryan's birthday, saw Jay Leno--which was so much fun! I love that man! Went to downtown LA, hmmm....well we went to a wedding, main reason why we were there, the beach, one day and we all got fried, although I was the only one (and Ryan) that put sunscreen on! You'd think people who have lived in CA for most of their lives would remember that CA sun is a lot harsher than IN sun!! LOL. oh well, it's fun to peel! :)

I get to find out Tuesday what I'm having!!! I'm so excited and yet so very nervous. I want another boy so badly and will fully admit that I will be (at first) disapointed and a bit upset if I do end up having a girl, but God knows our heart right, what we desire?? So I'm leaving it to him to know what's best for me, and truly just a healthy child is more than enough (but seriously God, I do want a boy, thanks in advance! love ya!)

I can feel the baby kick a lot more now, I do remember this time w/ Ryan that I didn't feel him move. It's great to feel it kick so early and move around! I just cant' wait to see "it" on the big screen soon (or small screen, i'm not sure how this hosptial is). No names yet, I'm too indecisive w/ this one, although, I was a bit w/ Ryan too...names are too hard and when your hubby has a family the size of a small town, names you like seem to be already any ideas for me (and i don't like trendy boy names, like jayden, cayden, cooper, aiden) girl names, i'm open to!

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