Monday, September 28, 2009

The waiting game...

So it begins...we wait and wait. Will I go into labor before Oct. 1st? Will I even make it to Oct. 5, the date of my induction?! The supsense is killing me! I have a Dr. appt. today, so hopefully I have made some progress, but not too much. (previously noted, I need to work Oct. 1st!) I'm excited and nervous and already have been feeling some mild "contractions" or Braxton Hicks probably--I never had anything with Ryan so I'm guessing these aren't real ones, since they didn't hurt and never progressed. I just had a lot of them all day yesterday and my stomach kept getting hard as a rock! I remember that from when I was in labor with Ryan, but luckily, nothing like that as of this morning.

I still have to pack my bag and finish up some things for when she comes. I need to do 1 more load of laundry and then I will be all caught up, put the sheets on her pack-n-play and get some diapers and wipes out and ready downstairs and oh yeah...INSTALL THE CAR SEAT! That was the plan for this weekend--I wonder what happened?

I was busy, that's what happened. On friday night, I went to my friend Mollie's house and a few other friends from church came and we had a mini-shower for me and yummy food-fondue-and just talked and talked till 11:30 at night! It was wonderful and I got so many cute outfits and blankets and other things I needed. Then saturday, I had a 1 hour long-glorious-pedicure!! Oh it was heavenly! Then I did a little shopping and got some things at Babies r Us, I had a coupon for some items, so I went and picked up those. Then I went to my cousins baby shower, she's having twin boys! My cousins from out of town came too and I was so excited to spend some time with them as well...and I did! Then Sunday, church, Sam's Club (we did some damage there) and home to finish up some things, clean, laundry and I even snuck in an hour nap!

It's getting so close--yet I'm not feeling ready!! aaaahhhh!!!!

Here is her bedding--I don't think I posted it. It's the right amount of pink and I love green and some browns and even some blues! I will post a picture of her nursery when it's all finished, as soon as we hang up her letters, that I finally finished yesterday!!

the most recent pic of me, about 38 weeks (a few days shy) at a little shower my work threw for me! It was a huge surprise!! I got a few things for baby, a bathrobe, slippers and pj bottoms for me! So wonderful, they are in my bag for the hosptial! It was at the end of the day, I look horrible, tired and my make-up is practically off my face at this point and a pit puffy! yikes!

Keep praying that the baby will hold out till at least the 2nd of October!

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