Tuesday, September 22, 2009

End in Sight!!!

There is an end in sight! So far baby is making her way down into position, I'm dilated, effaced and pretty much ready to go...now she just needs to wait a week and a 1/2! If I don't go naturally on my own, I will be induced on October 5th! Just knowing that is the day she will be here is sooo amazing! I love knowing that the end of this pregnancy is come close. I still have some things that need to get done, but nothing that would take a lot of energy. I did my major cleaning, carpets are cleaned today, already did laundry and cleaning of car seat, bouncer, swing. Just a few finishing touches on her Nursery need to get done, but that can even be done when she arrives! I'm getting more and more excited to meet her. I have no picture in my head of what she will look like. I have no idea, will she look like Ryan did? More like me? (I'm hoping more like Jimmy--or at least more ethnic looking!) Hair? No hair?! I love the surprise and mystery of that!
I have a busy weekend planned and got in a short trip to Indy to see friends last weekend, which was so wonderful. I really miss Indy and that is still "home" to me. maybe some day we will move back...right God? :) So she will just have to wait till next weekend to arrive if she decides to come on her own!

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