Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day three

Last night I made a recipe from my Biggest Loser cookbook, Simple Swaps. It's one of their new ones. Anyway, Jimmy of course was a bit hesitant on what I was about to make. Veggie Lasagna.

However, I'm not sure why it's titled Veggie Lasagna, since there is Lean Italian Turkey Sausage in it! I would call it, Pastaless Lasagna, considering there is no pasta in the dish. It's got zucchini, fat free ricotta cheese, fat free mozzarella cheese, parm cheese, marinara sauce (and supposed to have onions and peppers, I hate both, so I left them out!) I added some pepper flakes for the spice and garlic and Italian seasoning. It was DELICIOUS!!! Jimmy even said how good it was and how much flavor it had! It was only 210 calories per serving, and for Lasagna was a good!

ok so mine didn't look as pretty, but it tasted fantastic! If you want the recipe let me know, if Jimmy liked it, you know it's good!

I also worked out for about an hour last night. I got a late start due to giving the kids baths and all that stuff. Plus the dinner took longer then I thought since my oven is a bit slow. I know for next time to put my temp up higher then what it calls for.
Anyway, I did my Gazelle for 45 mins, then did weights and lunges, and other various Pilate type stuff. I felt sooo good after! I guess I really have missed working out. Of course, I have not lost a pound since Monday, when I decided it was time to start trying, but I know I will soon and I've been good on eating right and making sure I get enough fiber and low sugar and always low salt (I've always done that, I retain a lot of water!)

I am planning on using some more new recipes in the future and I'll let you know how those turn out as well.

Oh, I will take a "before" pic this weekend and then post it :)


  1. Wow, sounds like you are on the right track! Way to go!

  2. Do you like that cookbook? I have all the other ones. I wasn't sure if it was all the different or not.

  3. I do like the cookbook, it has more ideas on what is healthier to use, like the title simple swaps, instead of chips, do pretzels stuff like that. it has a few receipes, but not as much as the full cookbooks offer. But the recipes it showed all looked good. So far I enjoy all their cookbooks. I want to get a few more that I don't have!