Monday, February 1, 2010

Today is the day!

Well, more like this week is the week. I am FINALLY going to start trying to lose weight! Molly is finally in her room, so the pack n play is all packed up and that gives me the spot back where my Gazelle was (it's sort of like an elliptical, but not, the crazy guy w/ the long blonde ponytail sells them!). I know that working out is what helps me lose weight, not just the eating. I could look at food and gain a lb! I am not blessed with a fast metabolism, so I have to work hard at trying to maintain a healthy weight (for me).

My goal is to work out at least 4 days a week, more if time allows. For now I will try to just do stuff at home; the machine and some weights and Pilate stuff. I would like to get The Shred, from Jillian Michaels. I saw for like $10 at Target. I think that will kick my butt too and mix up my work out routines.

Of course you can't eat anything you want just because you are exercising, so I'm going back to making meals from my Biggest Loser cookbooks and Cooking Light and Hungry Girl. Plus I got some good recipes from my cousin and from Weight Watchers online. Jimmy constantly complains about healthy food, but I told him last night, he just eats what I make and don't complain. I need to start losing weight and this is how I have to do he complains about getting fat and a little "gut" he'll have to get used to brown rice and whole wheat pasta (which I always use anyway) and turkey (anything).

I'm also considering signing up for Biggest Loser online again. You keep track of your calories and weigh in weekly. (I have a scale in my lunchroom here at work--yes, it's true, we Health Science people here are very into health and fitness--go figure!)

My first goal is 15lbs. That would put me at pre-pregnancy weight. (and I only gained 33lbs! geesh). After that very attainable goal, I want to drop another 15lbs. So, 30 in all, but breaking them up is easier for me, then thinking, OH MY, 30lbs!!! Seems like a lot, but if I can achieve one goal at a time, it will keep me more motivated and on track. If I drop 30lbs I will weigh less than I did when I graduated high school! (ok by only 5 lbs, but still). I know that amount is something I can maintain and I don't have to starve myself to keep it (been there, done that).

It's not that I'm trying to be "skinny" because, let's face it, I'm NOT built to be "skinny", never have been, never will. I'm trying to be HEALTHY. I want to live a healthy life, get the energy I so desire and be a good role model for my children. If I'm not active or eating right, how are my kids going to?

So I will post a before picture (because we all like visuals) and hopefully by summertime (like August or so) I can post an after picture!

**Hold me accountable people!!


  1. I have personally signed up for both Weight Watchers online and The Biggest Loser online in the past... in my opinion (not that you are asking!), WW online is much more user friendly and easier to follow than The Biggest Loser. Plus, you can still use Biggest Loser recipes with WW. It's hard to do it vice versa b/t TBL has rules about always having a protein, etc. On top of that, I am always putting WW information/recipes on my blog so that could help as well. Just a thought... I'm not sure if you've ever done the WW online (and paid for it--you can still see some things when you are a non paying member, but you get more when you pay). If not, I recommend you try that out instead. We are busy people and I am all about what's easiest.

    Also, I have a list of 30 "healthy" recipes that Michael likes. I have to believe he's pickier than Jimmy... so you should try them. You can always leave out the onions! :)

    I'm hoping to be down 40-45 by this summer!! I'm hitting the gym tonight too! We can do it! Love ya!

  2. well then I might check out WW if you like it better. I like their recipes a lot too, so I think I'll check it out. I'll probably end up paying, since I was planning on paying for BL.

    well pass me on the recipes! Jimmy seems to be picky and say things are "eh..alright" when I use healthier on them!!

    I know, we can do it! I'm glad you're trying to, then I don't feel so alone in this, like I'm the only one out there that needs to lose weight! (I'm just surrounded by stinkin' skinny people!!) Love ya too!

  3. Oh, and by the way, the 30 day shred is great! I have it. It WILL kick your butt. I've only stuck to it for like 7 or 8 days straight, but even after that short amount of time I started to see results. Do you have a wii? I saw a video game review show about the work out games. The person reviewing them (a fitness "expert") said the Biggest Loser one was the toughest, but that they all were surprisingly a good work out.

    I'll email you the recipes with points included. There are already some on my blog. I make everything at least once and then I ask Michael if it's a keeper or not. He may not LOVE it, but really--who LOVES eating so healthy? We all love the taste of sugar and fat. But Michael has learned to be a good reviewer. If he's not honest, I make something he doesn't like more than once. If he's too harsh, then I end up trying new recipe after new recipe and he usually doesn't like them. I started combining a list so that I had an easy reference as far as points and meals I know we will like. Oh, and most of them are quick too.

  4. Good luck! I KNOW you can do this! And I'll be right on board with you trying to lose weight after I have this baby...

    WW works great for me. (When I'm actually trying to stick with the plan...) But the Biggest Loser show is SO inspirational.

    Where's your before pic?