Wednesday, March 17, 2010

new bangs, new look, new wardrobe?

Yup, I did it. I braved it. I was actually laughing while Jennie was cutting my hair. She's like "Oh my gosh why are you laughing?!" I'm like, "I'm freaking out, I'm so nervous!" With one swoop of her razor, off went my hair...into short bangs. Bangs..I haven't had bangs since I was in 4th grade..maybe 5th. I realized with this new do I would need to jumpstart my wardrobe with cuter pieces that had much more style then plain old sweaters and t-shirts. This however will have to be put on hold as I'm losing weight...which makes me want to lose faster so I can go shopping! I dont want to buy new clothes then in a few months they don't fit I will wait and try to play with what I have in my closet and make it "emo".

My BIL said "LOL, Zooey Daschenel"..I take that as the HIGHEST compliment ever! 500 Days of Summer has changed my life.

Update: stepped on the scale this morning, I'm down another lb, that's a grand total from the very begninning of 9lbs!! Of course my MIL, who doesn't work out and does Weight Watchers and just started a few weeks ago has lost 10 lbs...yes 10 and I work my butt off at home 5 days a week, eat small portions, healthy food, like 1200 or less calories a day and I a little over a, really. That was a motivation killer....I told her that I didn't want to see her face right now...she laughed...I was only kidding...a little! lol

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  1. I think you look very cute in the pic. It's always scary trying something different, but I think you pull it off quite well. It's funny that you said you haven't had short bangs since elementary. I actually grew my bangs out in 7th grade and hadn't cut them until just a few years ago, due to having my kids and losing my hair afterwards up front. I lost a lot and it was looking very weird, so I just cut bangs to help it along. It was okay, but I am definately not a bangs girl, due to my curly hair. Great job on 9 lbs! I am sure you can tell a big difference in your clothes already. :)