Wednesday, March 31, 2010

not much but still going....

So I made a new recipe last night. The grill is now open for business! I made the Biggest Loser Pizza Burgers. (see photo...taken from someone elses blog, but looks similar to what mine did, although I had a bottom and top bun!)

It was extremely easy and VERY good. You just add spices to the hamburger meat (I think next time I'll try turkey too, either way would be good..make sure it's lean for both meats though!)
Then I found this great Marinara sauce (smooth, no chunks of anything!) and I didn't have whole mozzerla but I used shredded and it melted just fine, whole wheat (no HFCS!) buns and that was it! I also made sweet potato fries..or attempted...they turned out ok, just took forever to cook and I was getting impatient! Needless to say I was the only one who would eat them! Anyway, the burger actually tasted like pizza and it was very good! This one I'll def make again this summer. So happy that we can start grilling! Nothing like grilled food and grilled veggies!

I'm down 1 more lb as of today! My word this is taking much for looking cute this summer, but hopefully by Molly's 1st b-day I'll look pretty awesome--or look "better" as awesome isn't ever going to happen after 2 kids!!

So I'm just a tad obsessed with Eisley. Here is a link to one of their new songs "Ambulance", I can't seem to stop listening to it! It's addicting, their music is addicting! ((Hurry up with your new album already!!!)) listen to it and fall in love with them like I have (fan since 2003!) (ok I'm lame and can't figure out how to add this video to the site, didn't give me an option for blogger) enjoy :)

Moving on....It's a short week (thank goodness!) and I'm excited to have time off to be with the kids and hopefully do some Easter egg hunting on Saturday at my in-laws church.

Remember what this week and weekend are about--OUR SAVIOR HAS RISEN!!

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  1. We LOVE the pizza burgers too. I've made them many, many times. We don't have a grill though, so I have to use the George Forman.