Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter and 6 months!

Well Easter was a great long weekend full of fun and time with family! Ryan colored eggs and this year was able to dip the eggs in all by himself (because he wouldn't have it any other way).

After church on Sunday we went to my parents house, along with the Amaro's to have lunch and for Ryan to find all our Easter baskets. Ryan had fun finding the baskets this year and giving them to everyone, but especially had fun finding his! He got lots of goodies, dvds, monster trucks, a bunny, cars, a crazy straw cup and some candy...he got spoiled! Molly did too and she seemed very pleased with her baskets! Mom and Dad got candy--like I need it!

Molly is now 6 months! She is getting so big in so many ways! She is now 20lbs! She is doing great developmentally (which worries me every visit!) and is right on target for growth too. She is such a happy baby, always smiling--even when she wakes up! She is sitting up and playing with her toys; eating like a champ (obviously!); loves to squeal and coo and "talk", says "Ma" a lot...but no other "words". She still doesn't have any teeth--just that one that is still poking through but hasn't changed since she was 3 months, maybe the Doc is right and it's not the actual tooth but a cyst thing that is normal with babies getting new teeth. I do think she's close though, always chomping on toys and her fingers and thumb, drooling insane amounts and getting those rosy cheeks and rash that happens when babies teethe. At this point Ryan had 4 teeth already! So it's cute to see her still smile that gumy smile!

Well as far as my weight loss is going..it's slowly moving. I have lost a total of 11lbs since giving birth to Molly (and actually trying to lose it!) I feel (and feel I look) like I haven't lost a single lb. I could do better, I admit, but still wish that some of my hardwork was paying off more. Since the weather has been getting better, I've been doing more walks outside. I need to get back on track with my dvd, but being outside just feels better! 20 more lbs to go and I guess I'm moving my goal down to be at my goal weight by Molly's 1st birthday, instead of this summer, because I dont think it's gonna happen by this summer! I'm still trying out new recipes and seeing what Jimmy likes and dislikes--still not pleased with "healthy" food..I hope he comes around!

I also have a doc appt. today and hopefully all my "womanly parts" are working fine--I do wonder if my hormones have played into the fact it's taking so long for me to lose even a pound! Just something isn't quite right with me and I hope I get some answers about it..so keep me in your prayers! I'm sure it's no big deal though!

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  1. Praying for good test results! And that pic of Molly in the sunglasses is hillarious! Love it! I can't believe she is already 6 months! That time has flown!