Thursday, April 15, 2010

Health and Corn Dogs

I tried one of my cousins recipes she emailed over to me. I love corn dogs, so I figured Corn Dog Casserole would be delicious and possibly Jimmy would eat it too with out crying how it was low fat and tasted that way.

It was really easy and took no time to make. Fat Free Hot Dogs (all beef), Turkey Chili (no beans), Jiffy corn bread mix, skim milk, pepper, 2% reduced fat cheddar cheese (and if you're one of those crazy people you can add onions!). I found the hot dogs and they were 50 calories for 1 dog! I'm sure they were loaded with crap, but hey...sometimes you have to please the hubby!

Jimmy said it was really good and I should make it again. I actually loved it. I made it with a side of steamed son had 2 helpings of the broccoli and we had to force him to take a few bites of the hot dog--can't really complain too much about that!

Well I didn't get very clear answers for my heath issues. I have to take my iron supplements and go back in 2 months and get my levels checked. If I am not feeling better before the 2 months is up, I can go back in and my Doc will recommend me to a Neurologist. She said, but they won't see anything wrong. I guess I just have very low iron and that is causing all my symptoms. I also need to get back on birth control. I haven't been on birth control since we first got married and I got off after 6 months because of the side effects I got from it (migraines, anxiety (and attacks), cramps, heart palpitations, rapid weight gain (20lbs in 3 mos) among other things) needless to say I'm worried. I am going to try the Neuva Ring, it's very low dose of hormones and you only have to take it out once a month. This should get my periods regulated...apparently my ultrasound showed my lining was very thick and it was a good thing I started. I have to have a period...thanks PCOS..thanks a lot. So I'm doing a trial run here and see if my body can handle any type of fake hormone. I'm not looking forward to it at all. So we'll see how the rest of my body feels after awhile...I'm praying I'm not dizzy, weak, floaty, shaking, irritable and tired 24/7....oh and not losing hair would be nice too!

2 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight...15 more lbs to go!!! I can do this (RIGHT??!!) sigh.....I need to get back on track...with me feeling the way I have been lately working out has been the LAST thing on my mind!!


  1. I was on the Neuva Ring for 2 years before we tried for baby #3. I really loved it! It was so easy to insert and I couldn't even feel it after it was in. And being able to leave it in for 3 weeks was a dream for me because I hate remembering to take a pill everyday. And once I took it out, it was like clock work that my period would come 2 days later. It was awesome! I hope it works out for you!

  2. Are you able to use an IUD with PCOS? I have the Paragard which is non-hormonal, and I love it. TMI, but I also have a weird uterus. :)