Thursday, March 11, 2010

sick, food and internet

I have been sick this week which means that I have not worked out this week. It has been driving me crazy (who would have thought?!) that my body doesn't have the energy or stamina to work out. My body pretty much feels like jello. I'm that weak and tired and full of sinus infection fun!

I went home early on Tuesday and slept a good 3 hours before picking up my baby girl. It felt so good to sleep that long and I probably could have slept longer but it was already after 5! I have been feeling better each day and I hope to try and work out tonight. I will do as much as my body allows, but I seriously can't and will not go a week with out at least working out once (eventhough that's not enough)!

I have actually lost a pound this week (miracle from God, really) and I think it's due to the fact that I have not had much of an appetite the last few days...although last night it suddenly came back FULL force. My mom made my favorite meal (we have dinner there on Weds because Ryan stays the night) spaghetti and meatballs--yum! Did I mention that Ryan and her made cupcakes (why?!) so I had one..ok 2 who am I kidding, I haven't had "real" sweets in a long time! Not good, NOT I really have to work out tonight to make up for my bad food choices.

I have not been busy at work this past week (Spring Break) so I have been reading blogs and I came across an entry from Kara (a high school friend) that mentioned It's FREE (totally) and you can log in your weight loss goals, food you eat, how much you exercise, etc. It calculates how much calories, fats, carbs, sodium levels you need to lose the weight you want and lets you plug in what you are eating--a bit like the Biggest Loser and Weight Watchers--but FREE. I'm cheap (and poor) so anything free is worth trying out! So far, I really like it. I actually get more calories a day then I did with BL (which is nice, I felt so hungry all the time with the BL plan). They also have recipes on the website and a community to reach out to people. So thanks Kara for mentioning that in one of your posts eons ago! I'm going to use this and see if it helps me in my progress. I'm the type of person that needs to write it out and see how much I'm getting and not getting, I'm not good at guessing.

So I'm down a grand total of 6lbs since the start. Again, slowly moving, but I'm happy to see progress. I get frustrated easily but my hubby seems to lift me up and keep me focused and motivated! He tells me I'm doing a great job and he can already tell a difference in my body-more toned! (ok ok, props to Jillian!) I love the fact that he wants me to be happy with myself--he's happy with me (flab and all) but knows I want to feel better for myself. Gotta love a man who loves you know matter what and supports you and keeps you motivated when you are feeling down! I love my husband!

Different note: Molly is now 5 months old! You think with her being my 2nd child I would already know that they grow up fast and time just flies by...but I am just amazed on how much she has changed and grown and has developed such a personality! She is almost sitting up on her own (still needs support) eats baby food so well (no on the green veggies still!) laughs, giggles, coos and I swear she says "hi". She is always in awe of her Daddy and Brother, she just looks at them with these eyes that they are her hero's and she adores them. She is such a happy baby, very laid back, patient (that's from her Daddy--not me!), easygoing and a great sleeper. She is a blessing and I love her more and more each day!

Do you see how she looks at her Daddy?!

He loves her, she loves him--I'm hoping this continues through out their teenage years!

Ok just funny--Ryan with a Mustache! Now he's a true Amaro!

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