Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday already?

Well this past week I have tried quite a few recipes and really none of them were hits with Jimmy. He actually told me he hasn't really liked anything I've been making. NICE. He said the only thing was the pasta-less Lasagna. He then goes on to complain about him "getting fat" (yeah..right). I told him he then needed to get used to the food I'm making and learn to like brown rice, whole wheat pasta and couscous! He reluctantly agreed to keep eating what I make and let me know which ones were 'alright". It is hard to train your body to like different types of foods. He didn't grow up eating healthy foods so I guess I can't expect him to love them instantly like I do.

I did like Hungry Girl's 4 layered burrito (or something like that). It was the first time I got Jimmy to eat the veggie burger crumbles--he said it wasn't so bad, but didn't taste like meat. At least he tried them! I however, am hooked on them and the black bean veggie burgers. So delish!

This weekend wasn't the best weekend in regards to eating healthy. I lacked motivation, woke up sick on Saturday and was just too busy to care. We had a date night on Saturday night and ate at a Sushi place and went to see "Alice in Wonderland, in 3D"--typical Tim Burton film and typical weirdo Johnny Depp--I'm beginning to think he's not acting but he IS the characters he is playing, they all seem to be same! It was, overall, a decent movie.
Then Sunday we went to our friends house for an "Oscar Party"--really making fun of people and voting on who we thought would win. I had some yummy fondue, a few too many desserts and a much for dieting last night!

Luckily I made it through the weekend without gaining a pound! I'm still the same as I was last week, which means I have to really try hard this week. 5lbs in 1 month is hardly what I had hoped for or thought would happen. I swear I can look at food and gain a pound--work out 4-5 days a week, eat healthy and don't lose a pound?! My body is frustrating! I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong or what I need to do, to make the weight loss happen faster and really is 2lbs a week really that unreasonable?!

Just so frustrated!

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  1. Yeah, I tried some healthier food choices not too long ago like wheat bread for instance, and Nik threw a fit saying, "Quit buying wheat bread, I can't stand that stuff." Grrr... The kids never complained, so I guess I could just buy both, even though I too like white better of course. I also buy applejuice with no sugar added and fruit cups with no sugar added for my boys. I guess those aren't much of a big difference, but I try. Ha!

    Don't give up! 5 lbs is still 5 lbs! Just think, in another 2 months you will prob have lost an additional 10 lbs or more. Just in time for bathing suit weather. :) Oh heavens, speaking of, I have never been prego during swimming weather. This will be interesting....