Monday, March 1, 2010

I've got a case of the Mondays

Well this weekend flew by, as they usually do.

Friday night I got my hair done. Nothing super major, just some color and a trim. I did get "side bangs" and I'm never sure if I should or not. I usually end up regretting them as soon as I get them, but I'm actually ok with the choice! I can still pin them back in my front pouf thing I always do and they don't look too bad to the side. I got my hair done with the dark brown again and red highlights. Which are kind of hard to see in the picture, but they are there in all the red glory! I'm not sure why I always go back to the crayon red highlights, but for some reason I just can't stop!
please excuse my wicked red eye. I took this on my phone here at work!

I am down 1 lb this week! Yippee! Weekends are always hard to eat the best, but I did the best I could! I also worked out so, of course, that helped! Still hoping to see 2lbs down a week instead of just 1, with that rate it will take much longer to get to my goal weight! I wanted to be at my goal by summer time!

My bestie Lindsay came down to see me on Saturday with her daughter Madison! I love seeing her and I hate that I moved away from her! Ryan "loved" Madison...and when she left he's like, "Madison can't go" and I said "Why"..his cute response...."because I love her Mom"! Future Hubby and Wife?? :) I think so! It was such a fun time to hang around my house and let the kids play while we had "grown up" talk--which consisted a lot of talking about our kids! Go figure! The day just went by way too fast! Our time together is never long enough!

I have my meals planned out all this week and went to the store yesterday. I have most of my meals coming from my Hungry Girl cookbook. Ones I have not tried before, so I hope they turn out as good as they sound! If they are successful I'll post the recipe and a picture. Jimmy is usually the judge, since I'm not nearly as picky with healthy food as he is! He will come around I'm sure of it! We took our blood pressure at Sam's Club and his was in higher range...pre-hypertension and mine..well mine was perfect :) 111/52! More motivation for me to keep working out and eating right, your overall health improves! Now if I can just get my hubby to work out with me! (can you imagine him doing Jillian's moves!)

Side Note: Ryan loves working out with me and begged me to work out on Saturday, which we did. Too cute!

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  1. ok. seriously. that is so cool that ryan wants to work out with you. that probably helps you do it because you can't say no to him and set a bad example :) keep up the good work!! i'm proud of you!