Monday, February 22, 2010

I wish I could have something exciting to post, but I do not. This weekend I forced my Mother-in-law to work out with me. We did Level 1 on the Shred and it was surprisingly easy for me. I could tell I have more endurance and I'm able to keep up and do the moves with more intensity then when I first started. My MIL--well she had a hard time following the beginner level! I told her to not give up and keep going and she will feel it getting easier. I don't think she believed me! I was a loser and didn't work out the rest of the weekend, HOWEVER, I did a lot of cleaning and I was constantly up and down my stairs and moving around, I heard a good house cleaning can burn lots of calories and by the way I felt at the end of this weekend I would agree!

I didn't make anything new or exciting this weekend and probably didn't "make good choices" on eating. We went to Beach Bums (very yummy) on Saturday night and I got the Turkey Burger (good right? On a wheat bun, no cheese, lettuce, tomato) and waffle fries--oh the weakness! I did not eat them all (go me!) but I did eat some! They are really good, I would have to say better than Chick-fil-a (and that says a lot, since I'm obsessed with CF!)

I'm down another pound, so that's 3 lbs total--not crazy big weight loss, but steady...seems to be a lb a week, I would like for it to be 2lbs a week, but anything is great for me, a lb down is better than a lb up!

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  1. It sounds like you're doing good, Erica!! Just getting no cheese on your turkey burger and eating fewer fries will make a difference. The little things add up quicker than you realize! I'm proud of you. :)