Thursday, June 3, 2010

food food food

I think my looking at me you can tell I enjoy food. Quite possibly, too much. I blame my mom mostly, she's a great cook who also, like me, enjoys her bread and pasta. I also am blaming my cousin Bethany--yes I called you out. Why? Because you give me many yummy recipes (but thankfully most of them can be made to be low cal or are low cal dishes). But I'm mainly blaming her for blogging about a recipe from the Pioneer Woman...I had to check out her site because the dish she made looked amazing. Then it happened. I became an addict. Addicted to the Pioneer Women's blog and addicted to her other blog, Tasty Kitchen. I find myself on that site more hours than I'm working and I find myself adding this recipe and that recipe to my "recipe box". (seriously people, look it it will change your life). I would say that most of the recipes aren't exactly "healthy" as in not low cal foods but require full fat ingredients, not to say I can't alter them to my liking, but then would it taste the same? I have filled the binder my cousin gave me with more recipes from both of these sites AND I've ordered and received The Pioneer Woman Cooks, cookbook. Oh my so many things to try! I might even show you the recipes I have cooked from her book and from the Tasty Kitchen website.

So thank you Bethany for addicting me to these 2 lovely sites. I'm not so sure how this is all going to play in me losing weight, but I'm confident I can work something out. I can't sacrifice everything all the time.

This is what 13lbs lost looks like....why on my body does it look like NOTHING? So a faculty member took my picture at one of our work events that I plan. I take big group pictures, but thankfully, I'm never in them. She didn't think that was right, so she took these. She's lovely. (and yes those are "skinny jeans", I try to be cool sometimes)


  1. Haha!! Ok. Blame me. I was pretty addicted to PW a couple of years ago. I read religiously and always waited anxiously for the next installment of her love story. I've kind of gotten out of the habit of reading her stuff. I check it, but not nearly as often. Maybe that's a good thing?! :) I did look to see if she was bringing her book tour anywhere near me since I got the cookbook at Christmas--no such luck. I'm glad you like my recipes and your binder! Love ya!

  2. Girl, you are lookin Fab!!