Monday, June 7, 2010

I love food...good food

I made two recipes last night for family dinner at my parents. Jimmy got injured at the lake on Saturday and we were all cooped up in the house most of the weekend. I wanted to get out and do something fun. So we took the kids to my parents and while they played outside, I got to work on making dinner.

First up: Stuffed French Toast. Got this recipe on Tasty Kitchen. I think PW does a version of it as well.

I used 1/3 less calories/fat Cream cheese and skim milk for the recipe. Hey I have to try and cut calories somewhere.

They were a big hit and were very very good. I'm glad I used fresh strawberries and not jam as the recipe calls for. My mom cooked some bacon and we used Vermont pure maple syrup (from Vermont of course! Not the fake stuff!)
The end result:

Then since that wasn't enough calories. I made the PW Apple Dumpling recipe. I have been craving these since the day my cousin made them on her blog!
I also saved calories here. I used Light Butter (50 calories a TBSP compared to 100 for regular). I also used Reduced Fat Crescent Rolls. I couldn't find Diet Mountain Dew in the cute little 12 oz bottles, so I used regular and I didn't use the whole thing. Next time, I will use diet. I don't think it will taste any different.
Anyway, this was HEAVEN ON EARTH. I about died eating this! We all loved it! I couldn't believe how amazing these were and very easy to make! This will be my go to dish to bring to family functions and friends' houses.
The end result: (lighting isn't the greatest, but you get the idea)

and of course Edy's Ice Cream!

On that note...I'm heading to Zumba tonight.

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  1. Oh my goodness! I think I would definately have two helpings of those dishes. Yum!