Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I have nothing creative or exciting to write or reflect on. This summer has been busy. Packed with things to do every night and every weekend. I can't even remember the last time I mopped my floors. Vacuumed, yes, but not mopped. I'm now down to 2 laundry baskets full of clothes to be washed instead of 3. So that's progress. I think I could dust my house every day, but every week seems to be working too. Bathrooms? Well the toilets are clean that's the most important thing right? I have yet to move Molly's bedroom around to accommodate her new dresser (well new to the room). I have yet to put all of Ryan and Molly's clothes in totes that don't fit them anymore. Find more storage for toys and put away toys that no longer get played with. This working full time gig is crap. My weekends seem to be set aside for laundry and cleaning and then off to the lake and church and grocery store somewhere in between.
Oh did I mention? Real Estate classes Tues & Thurs till 9:30 PM every week too. Just because I wasn't doing enough, I thought that would be a fun way to fill up my extra time that I'm wasting.
Good thing is, I passed my 1st test and did MUCH better this time around then the first time I took the course. Interesting fact: My teacher said that less than 50% pass the class the first time around. crazy statistic, but one that makes me feel a lot less stupid! I took it 2 years ago. I don't remember everything and I wasn't working full time while taking it either, nor did I have 2 kids...so it's still not easy but I'm trying hard to pass this time so I can get licensed already and end this 8-5 gig I've got going on (ok well 8-4:30, but that didn't sound as catchy)...oh make more money. Yes the economy sucks, yeah yeah yeah..do you know how much I get paid at my current job? I could sell one little house and make more in that commission check than I would in 2 months worth of annoying work that involves staring at computer screen and doing daily tasks for people with PhD and DPTs who don't know how to attach a document in an email or add a column in Excel.
Anyway, I fully plan (and I stress plan) on working for a team, not solo and getting certified in Home Staging--what I really would love to do...that will come with time (the classes are $1,000-$2,000) I'm hoping I can work for a company that will fork over the dough for me to get certified :) The power of prayer, right?!
Molly is 9 months old. She just got 2 teeth (finally) they came literally a day apart and she did great, didn't even know it till she smiled. She's so close to crawling, does about 4 little crawls and then gets mad she's not moving fast enough (what is with me producing impatient children??). I love her. LOVE HER. Why I cried when I found out I was having a girl, I'll never know...well I know why, but thankful God knows better and gave me her....and God knows I only want her and no other girls....Ok God? Desire of my heart :) thank you in advance.
Ryan is getting close to potty training. You think you know a strong willed child? Nope, not unless you've met my son. A kid who is too smart and knows how badly we want him to go on the potty and how he decided it's better that he doesn't go just to get us irritated...yes he smiles at us when we catch him pooping in his diaper. He sat for a long time last night and even said he felt like he had to go...baby steps, baby steps. I have hope that my son will be entering Kindergarten fully potty trained...miracles happen.
Food: cooking more, trying more recipes. working out: lacking (working on that, with my free schedule and all). I was just advised by my "Doctor" (my mom's bestie who is also an, MSN,NP and is the NP at my OB's office--my personal doctor as I call her--please don't ask me to explain those abbreviations)that I should try and give up dairy. Ahem, did she say dairy, as in CHEESE? I told her those were words from the Devil and I will rebuke them. Sigh..she was serious. To see if my uh...stomach issues...would get better from cutting out cheese and possibly gluten. seriously...pasta? Might as well die now, why go on with life? I'm praying it's just my birth control messing me up and when I get(with out letting her know) off of it that my body will resume to normalcy....again miracles happen.
well that's what's been happening in my oh so eventful life...aren't you glad you wasted your time reading?!