Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Post 2 of the day..on a ligther note

I thought it necessary to post something more exciting to read and some pictures too.

First up: My baby girl. Who knew having a girl would be something I love?! (God did!) She is such a sweet baby and she makes me light up and melts my heart! She is also growing up way too fast. The time is slipping away and soon she won't be my baby anymore! She'll be 9 months soon, then talking, then walking, then running, then dating---oh dear help me now!

Here is my baby girl trying to crawl. She's getting pretty close, considering the Dr. and I both thought she may never crawl. She tries really hard, but when she ends up on her belly she cries. She just doesn't like it..at all. She's a scooter on her butt and she seems to get where she needs that way. She's so laid back--a trait from her father no doubt!

Last night I did another PW recipe! That woman has me in the kitchen...cooking..and enjoying it! She is a miracle worker! I made the Chicken Spaghetti that was in her cookbook. I (of course) left out the green pepper and onion and added a little extra cayenne pepper to up the spiciness level!I also used rotisserie chicken, so that saved time (and energy!) as well.

It was delicious! Jimmy liked it and even liked the spiciness. He said to make it again--which I plan to. Again, I like to make things low cal whenever I can. I opted to use low sodium/reduced fat soup, cheese and whole wheat pasta. I'm not sure what her real recipes taste like, I'm sure even more heavenly--one of these days I won't cheat and do it by the book.

Here are the pics--warning: taken on my cell phone, so not the best lighting or quality.

I think I may never give up pasta or cheese in my life--so why bother trying?!

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