Wednesday, September 15, 2010

music...and my thoughts on it.

I do try, I try REALLY hard to like Christian music and bands, really I do. There are a few that I do enjoy, but I have to be honest. They are just boring and really outdated in the style of music. A few I do like--Mainstay, Run Kid Run, David Crowder Band, Underoath, Flyleaf.....and now my mind has gone blank..that's horrible. But there is a short list, nonetheless.

So I'm thinking, how much does music influence your life? What do you think Christian people should listen to? Only Christian music? If you are a lover of music *ahem* good music that could become a bit of a challenge. I love music, I love the genre's that aren't on the radio, I love the acoustic style, folk style, emo style, Indie style...the stuff speaks to me (not like in the same way worship music speaks to me), easy to listen to, makes me happy, fun to sing along with. I know we should listen to things to give us hope, encouragement, happiness and grow closer to God, but listen to these songs I have below--(take the time, seriously). Then read about the bands afterwards...would you still think it's ok to listen to them? **Edit: It will say the video is disabled, just click "Watch on YouTube" and it will direct you to the video (do it).

Amazing aren't they? Talk about talented, especially the last one. These groups are amazing live (you tube videos) and the tune and beat to song can get stuck in your head for days and put me in a good mood. Want to know something about these girls?

First video: Tegan & Sara: amazingly talented in their songwriting skills and voices. Twin Sisters. Lesbians.

Second video: Meg & Dia: again, amazingly talented, those voices! Sisters. Atheists.

Does what they do or believe change the fact that they make awesome music and I listen to them and sing along? It doesn't change anything for me. Their words aren't soaked in cuss words or words that even focus on religion or politics..they are poetic words about life and they have killer tunes and voices.
I'm sure no one even bothered to listen to them or read my post in its entirety, but it's a discussion I know I had when I was a teenager and most likely would still have to this day with my parents or even some should only listen to music that is Christian and you can understand the words...but sometimes, music like this, makes happy, regardless of what their personal lives involve. Wrong? I don't know, I have listened to Christian and non-Christian music most of my life and I still maintain a relationship with God. Do I love worship music? Yes, absolutely, that music speaks to me, on a different level, that speaks to who I am and what I'm about, that is my time to worship God, but I also enjoy other music..where the members in the bands, may not be a Chrisitan. It goes back to the question, if you are Christian should you listen to only Christian music? Will I somehow not have a strong relationship with God because of it? Some would think so. Some would be wrong.


  1. Well, I read it all and I listened. However, I'm not a "lover" of music. I never have been. Even in high school... people use to tease me about not listening to what they listened to.

    I personally usually only listen to Christian music or I listen to books on tape to avoid the same songs played over and over on the radio. It's not because I think I'm any better of a Christian. I just don't want to have to sift through bad lyrics or inappropriate deejays. It's more out of ease.

    I don't think it matters what the artists believe/do in their personal lives. If that was the case, "Christians" wouldn't be able to go to hardly ANY movies, watch hardly ANY TV, read ANY newspapers/magazines/books, or listen to ANY music (Christian included). However, I do believe it's VERY IMPORTANT to be careful to what we are filling our minds with. What is the message? Is it uplifting? Does it go against my values/beliefs? I think that's when it starts to get hairy--when we are listening to, singing, repeating, things mindlessly without even realizing it goes against everything we believe in. Garbage in, garbage out. (And I'm not saying your music is garbage or a bad message. Just answering your question). Our bodies are the temple and we have to keep them "clean".

    Hope that makes sense. That's my two cents... But again, I'm not a music person, so I don't really care all that much.

  2. I totally agree about what they are saying. If they were God bashing or saying explicit stuff you better believe I wouldn't be listening to is a bit hairy on some things..for someone who doesn't care about music you make a good point :) Love ya!

  3. FYI - here's a link to another blog I follow that mentions a book I'm considering reading for myself. It addresses this very question in addition to other media outlets (TV/Movies etc)... how much do we expose ourselves to the world without becoming "worldly"... might be helpful if you have any reading time. :)
    You can see a little summary of the book here...

    Love ya,