Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I have been trying for weeks to think of something intriguing, intelligent, exciting to blog about...I am still thinking as I type this.

What is it that you care to know? How the kids are doing? How I'm doing? What I'm doing? I hate to post random thoughts and people wonder why I wasted such time doing so.

I am working on being more positive, having a better, happy more joyful outlook on life. I am naturally a pessimist. I want to adapt the attitude of an optimist. If I want my children to become optimistic, I need to set the example. I always wondered how it was so easy for someone to see the bright side of life and so difficult for others? How can this change? What are steps that can be taken to slowly lead a more optimistic life? I think as a Christian you should feel this way because Christ is at the center of your life--but it seems that we struggle with it just as much as others who don't believe the same as I do. I know I would worry less, have less anxiety and feel less stressed. I also think I wouldn't take so much personal and stew about it for days on end and just let it roll off my back.

I was once that way and I lost it along the way.

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