Friday, August 27, 2010

Cedar Point and alone time

Tomorrow at exactly this time, I will be on a roller coaster...not sure which one of course, but I'll be on one...or waiting in line sweating from my upper lip and forehead and most likely in my bra...but it will be all worth it because Jimmy and I are going to CEDAR POINT!

Now if you don't care for thrill rides or roller coasters or waiting an hour to ride a 2 min ride then you won't share in my excitement. If you are a crazy thrill seeker like my hubby and I then you will share in my excitement!

Last year I was pregnant. So, no amusement parks for me all year long...what a dark year 2009 was...luckily my daughter was worth not going on any rides!

So this year we're driving that 3 hour drive and spending the weekend there, in a hotel, on Cedar Point, w/ a lake view (not that we'll really be in our room much). It's our early Anniversary present. It will be 7 years in October. (1 day before my baby's birthday!). Since we wanted to go here (yeah tropical vacations are for losers) for our anniversary we knew we had to do it early. a.) they don't have many days open in September or October and b.) Molly birthday is the day after our anniversary and we're doing a birthday party for her that we're doing it this weekend. We also took Monday off to sleep in and rest from all the fun.

The kids will be split up.. (Ryan will miss Molly and cry for home in a day). 1 at each grandparents house. Oh and my lucky parents get our dogs too :)

So as you can imagine the day is creeping along, taking its sweet time, tempting me to bang my head on my desk, screaming "why is it only 1:41?! WHY?!" 4:30 couldn't get here soon enough..or 4:25..I'm feeling ballsy.

So here are some pictures of some roller coasters we'll be on this weekend. The first one is of the Maverick. I have yet to be on it. It's the newest coaster there. Again, these pregnancies seem to get in the way of my roller coaster enjoyment..but not this year!!!!


The Maverick. I guess this is a serious thrill ride, 95 degree drop, shot out of a tunnel at over 70mph...I'm giddy.

The Raptor--an oldie but goodie. I refuse to sit anywhere but the front for this ride, yes even if it means waiting for 2 hours. I'm committed.

The Power Tower--a fun rush. I love getting dropped. I like the feeling of not knowing when you're gonna drop. Crazy?

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I haven't been to Cedar Point in about 5 years, maybe longer. I used to go all the time when I lived in Ohio growing up as a teenager. Our youth group went every year, but we would make it there at least 3 times a year. I too love the thrill of it all! I love being in the front car with my hands up. I love screaming at the top of my lungs, or holding my breath as I feel my stomach leaving me.

    I hope you have an amazing weekend and the lines aren't too long. Enjoy your alone time! Happy anniversary!