Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Crazy Love

Ever heard of the book? I didn't until our Life Group decided to read it and watch the short videos following each chapter. We just finished up Chapter 5, but man has it already opened my eyes and heart. The author is Francis Chan, he is (formally) the Senior Pastor at Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley, CA (nope, my hubby doesn't know him!) His love and attitude for Christ is something I have always longed for. You can just see it in his whole body how much he loves God. It's Crazy!
I have felt it pressed on my heart for awhile now about changing how I live. It is SO easy to fall into the things of this world. Crazy Love has a whole chapter about being Lukewarm for God and how this disgusts him...DISGUSTS. I don't know about you, but I sure don't want God to be disgusted with me or my heart! I see how this world thinks and lives and I am just blown away how so many people just live lukewarm, like loving, obeying, living for God only happens on Sundays, at best.
I look back at my teen years and cringe at the way I lived--and I called myself a Christian! Ha, I sure didn't fool God--who knew my heart and saw my actions. I spoke his name but did not live for him--I was lukewarm and I disgusted him (and myself!). I have grown up so much since my youth and since having children of my own, my eyes and heart are being opened even more. I don't want my children to grow up in the way of the world, where even Christians are overlooking things and living of the world and not of Him. Am I perfect, NO. We all fall short, but I am going to try my hardest to be the best example of Christ as humanly possible. Crazy Love has opened my eyes and even put some serious fear of God into me about changing my attitude, my thoughts, my actions, my life. I will not raise my kids to think "this or that' are ok just because society deems it as ok. If it's not ok to God, it's not ok to me! It is hard to not be of this world--it really is. People will look at you weird, question you, argue with you, call you crazy, think you are so out of touch with today, old fashioned...etc. But isn't that how Christians should look? NOT of this world? Shouldn't we STAND OUT?! Shouldn't we look crazy and out of touch with today? I want to look crazy and stand out, I want others to see something different in me and I want them to disagree with me..honestly, I do. Because that just means I'm living my life for Christ even more. Will I mess up, make mistakes? Sure, of course! But, that just means I need God more and have to rely on him more and cry out to him to change my heart...and trust me, it's needs a LOT of change.
Bottom Line. Read the book..if you have a Life Group, I really recommend you do it together, having a group that can come together and share their hearts with each other and keep each other accountable, helps so much! I hope it stirs up something in you as it clearly has in me! Now is the time (especially since I know we are in the end times) to give your heart and soul and mind fully to God and start really living for him.

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