Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Big News!

Nope not pregnant! But I still have Big "Boy" News!
Ryan is potty trained!!! Well for the most part! He still wears a pull up at night (just in case). He has had only 2 accidents. One was at my in-laws house because he had (TMI alert) the runs and he didn't make it in time (almost though!) Then the 2nd was at Daycare (of course) and I say that with all the annoyance in the world. He peed in his underwear--hey it happens, but they put a DIAPER on him afterwards. Really?! Listen, I worked at a Daycare before I had children. I watched 2 year olds. I've been pooped on, peed on, cleaned up messes in underwear, asked kids constantly if they had to pee, watched for their cues and even kept sticker charts--I NEVER put a diaper on them afterwards..NEVER. Even then I knew that it would mess up all the hard work and confuse the child. I was not happy and I let them know (in the nicest way I could) that I don't want them putting a diaper on him..THAT IS WHY I BROUGHT 2 PAIRS OF EXTRA UNDERWEAR. Really people? He DID keep that diaper dry until we got home. He said this in the car..no misquoting here.."I was thinking about putting underwear on at home". He is excited to pick out underwear to wear. Yesterday I was in the shower and I heard him running in the bathroom screaming MOM!!! I peeked out and in a panic asked what was wrong? He wanted to know where his underwear was so he could pick some out. I got him superhero underwear and Cars underwear (Mater as a Monster Truck). He was so excited he laid them all out to see what the pictures are. He (at home) likes to wear them backwards so he can see the picture (so far at home we are leaving the pants off until he can better control it). He had no accidents on Sunday when we went to church, then out to eat, then to Sam's Club, then to Gander Mountain--a few hours and he did great! Can you tell I'm proud?!! Ok...I'm more than proud--He's 3 1/2..I'm ECSTATIC! I'm not sure what clicked, but it happened on Friday--at my in-laws. He pooped in his diaper and my Mother-in-law said, "that's it, underwear today!" and that was it! He actually goes to the bathroom w/o asking, he'll just run there, get on the toilet and go, then he'll yell down "I DID IT!"

It's only been 4 days of no diapers--but I'm hopeful that he has learned and is excited about it and he'll only get better and improve! Plus, he's super excited to go to Chuck-e-Cheese for a well deserved celebration!
I'll end it w/ one word.


  1. Yeeeeeeeeeeeehaw!!! Lord knows I know your excitement!!!!! Amen!

  2. it is the best when you don't have to deal with diapering a kid anymore! CONGRATS and i would call the daycare out. they know better!