Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wish List

A few things I'm wishing for this year:

I want this dress. I want to wear more dresses. I hate my legs but dresses are cute and comfortable.

I love this one. It seems simple and can be worn in the summer or fall.

Awesome boots and would look spectacular with dress #1. Again good for all Seasons.

I live in flats, I live for them. I'm short, so naturally people assume I wear heels. Nope. No thank you, I love my feet and beauty does have a price. Why be in unnecessary pain?

A new couch. I want this style exactly--but NOT the color. I'm more of beige/tan kind of gal when it comes to sofas. Gray is nice too. We are in need of a new couch, but will have to save up for that one. I like to pay cash for things (i.e. our new tv) and that's what we're going to do w/ a sofa, pay cash. So this this is a big wish.

This haircolor. We have similar skin tones, and I would love to try the deep red. Jimmy is all for it. (p.s. love this actress)

A few things on my wish list for this year. Nothing crazy, nothing fancy, but all in the area of change. I know I've mentioned how much I hate change, but lately that is exactly what I've been wanting. Change and lots of it.


  1. I love flats, too. Although I've been trying to wear more heels lately to work because they make me hold my core tighter and I feel more professional.

    The pregnant women who wear heels their whole pregnancies blow my mind. I was flats from like 2 months on.

    PS I kinda want a pair of boots but I'm so out of the trend loop these days that I would have no idea what to get.

    second... I love the fact that you hate your legs too. I have not like mine for a long time..like high school. Im always in pants... ALWAYS even when it is 90 out... so i would love to wear more dresses but i think i would have to tan first... my legs are white White WHITE!
    and i love the sofa! go gray!!