Monday, February 21, 2011


I don't know about you, but I LOVE old movies. I'm talking movies from the 30s, 40s & 50s. I grew up watching movies from these eras and still would rather watch an old movie than a new one. You can't seem to go wrong with these types of movies--no bad language and no unnecessary sex scenes (that every movie seems to have these days! ugh!) Plus, the clothes! Oh the clothes! I have always told my mom when I was younger (and still do) that I was born in the wrong era. I should have been born in the 20s, got married in the 40s and raised a family in the 50s. Such simpler times they were.

Thankfully many of these old movies are making their way on to DVD or Blu-ray. I have a small collection, but hope to have it grow each year. I was sick with the flu this weekend and plopped myself on our couch and watched some old movies, while my amazing husband kept the kids out of the house for awhile to avoid my germs and let me rest. Lullaby at Broadway and Holiday were the 2 I chose. I'll talk about Holiday (1938) first.
The stars: Cary Grant & Katharine Hepburn. Need I say more?!

Cary Grant plays, Johnny Case, a young Harvard grad who falls in love with a very wealthy girl and they plan to get married in 2 weeks. He goes to her mansion to meet her family for the first time and to ask for her hand in marriage to her very traditional father. She has an older sister, who is carefree, eccentric and could care less about wealth (Katharine Hepburn) and a younger brother who is an alcoholic that feels trapped in taking over his father's business.

Grant has this unorthodox plan to take Holiday to discover who is he and want he wants out of life before he turns old and then has to work. He doesn't want to have to settle and sit at a desk for the rest of the life, while he's young and feels good he wants to travel and discover the world.

Of course his fiance and her father disagree with this outrageous thought and they want him to work for her dad's company..sitting at a desk (boy can I relate to Cary in this movie!!)

He ends up hanging out with his fiance's older sister, hiding out in the playroom, while his fiance tries to talk to her father about getting married in 2 weeks and accepting Grant's proposal.

Of course Katharine's character agrees with and loves the idea of Grant wanting to take a Holiday to figure out life before settling down into a career....they fall in love...although keep it from each other till the very end.

His fiance realizes she doesn't love him, never did, and didn't want to follow him around the world and ends it. Katharine chases him down on a cruise ship as he's about to travel the world. He does a back flip, sees her and lands right on his face..she goes to him and they embrace in a much awaited kiss.

The movie is quite funny, Grant of course pulling out his back flips and various stunts he does in most of his movies. It's a great movie, will make you laugh, smile and realize there is more to life than living a life that is all about money! It's on Netflix and out on DVD. I encourage you to watch it. Jimmy--loved it and laughed through out the movie--now you know it's a good movie!

That's my unprofessional review of a classic. More reviews to come! I encourage you to watch more old Hollywood movies instead of the garbage that is being released from the new Hollywood!

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  1. We're so much alike. My mom and I are watching Easter Parade as we speak and we're gonna watch On The Town next. You and me love our old movies. :)