Wednesday, February 23, 2011

10 things, 5 words, 3 ways....

I've noticed many blogs this week with their top 10 fave things, or 10 things you didn't know about me, 5 words or less, 5 things I'm thankful for, or 3 ways to wear this dress....

That's a lot of numbers.

I thought I'd hop on this number bandwagon and do a "7 Things about me" post and then maybe I'll do a top 10 favorite things, 3 ways to wear this, 5 words or the future. But not today, today I'm doing 7 things.

ahem..."7 things about me" (that you probably already know or don't really care to know..I like to call it useless information)

1. I love pink elephants. I had a stuffed pink elephant as a child (yet to be found) and have yet to get one for Miss Molly. It was one of my favorite stuffed animals. (and I had a lot)

just found this one on Etsy: HomeWithHarvey

2. Dolphins are my favorite animal (next to dogs) However, I don't like all the knick knack dolphin items, they're usually gaudy or psychedelic looking..ick.
Dolphin stuff I do love:

Etsy: Ajewelryboxx Etsy: delightfulstitches

3. I hate wearing coats. If it's warm enough to NOT wear one. I won't. I'm talking like 38 degrees is warm enough to warrent no coat. They are bulky and annoying. I however, have always wanted a white peacoat.
4. I bite my nails. All.the.time.
5. I want a water birth for my 3rd (and final) child. (and no I'm not pregnant) I wanted this for all my children, but was too chicken. I can't stop thinking about it and so I'm going to do it--unless I am medically unable to do so.
6. I love all things GREEN.
7. I pray every night with my kids. Ryan always reminds me to pray for him before bed or when he doesn't feel well if I'm in a rush. I pray usually the same thing at the end of the prayer: "I pray my children grow up to love and honor you and have a heart for you and worship you and serve others." EVERY.NIGHT.
Not too exciting, but a few things about me, that make me, me. Which is is something I'm trying to deal with. Learning to be ME. Not someone else, but who I am, what I love and what I want to stand/live for.


  1. Very nice Erica. :) And good job on the praying...I pray for Krew every night now before I lay him in his crib, although I don't think he yet knows what I'm doing. Eventually it will make sense.

  2. 7 Things I love about Erica:

    1. Her new blog design! Lovely.
    2. That some of my most cherished growing up memories include her... I was thinking about CDYC and The Chapel the other day (random).
    3. That we are a lot alike - and I'm totally with ya on #3-7 above(well, I love the idea of a water birth someday and I HOPE to pray with my kids someday)
    4. Her honest/bold statements.
    5. Her totally adorable children (seriously, are there any kids out there that are cuter?)
    6. The phrase LYLAS is so TRUE for my feelings toward her!
    7. Her spunk!


  3. I was totally throw off when going through my dashboard. I couldn't remember ever subscribing to a blog called "to the humming meadow". Good thing I checked it out... otherwise, who knows how long I'd be missing your posts! :)

  4. ahhh Katie you're so sweet!! LYLAS back at ya!

    Yes Kara it will make sense, Ryan had no clue either (Molly still doesn't) but when he asks for it..melts my heart!! In all the craziness of the day, I know that is one thing I can do and it doesn't take long--but so rewarding!

    Oh yeah..I guess I should have made a blog in regards to changing my title..I thought Amaro Family was blah and boring..and this is a lyric to my favorite song by Eisley..a bit more dreamy and happy sounding!