Thursday, February 24, 2011

I got a new name

for the blog that is. now the actual web address is all the same, but I just changed my title. I thought the "Amaro Family" was a bit..dull...boring..lame. So I went with what I have now "to the humming meadow".

It's from my favorite song from my favorite band. Eisley. The song is called "Brightly Wound". It's a whimsical song and I thought "to the humming meadow" sounded, bright, childlike, enchanting, fresh, like you can just imagine running in the sunlight in a huge meadow with the color of the flowers exploding around you. I guess that's what I imagine and I thought it suits me during this time in my life..sometimes I want to run to the humming meadow letting the sun warm my face, twirling in the beautiful colors of flowers and to stop. breathe. and enjoy life.


  1. love love love your blog background, so springy!