Friday, February 25, 2011

tangles in my hair

We had a Winter Weather Warning last night and I woke up to a winter wonderland. Which would have been beautiful it was say...Christmastime! I'm over snow in the wildest way.
My power went off sometime in the middle of the night. I awoke to my two dogs crying and climbing on me to get me out of bed to let them outside. I looked at the clock, praying for at least another 45 mins of sleep before I had to get up. It was blinking. 12:05. BLINKING. Crap..I leaped out of bed ran to our bathroom where a battery operated clock sits on our sink. 6:20am. Awesome.

I ran downstairs, let the dogs out. Hopped in the shower, got out, threw on some makeup, brushed my teeth while grabbing my jeans and t-shirt from the dresser and threw on a hoodie. I dried my hair, straightened the ends and got Miss Molly ready. (the Hubs got Ryan ready) Grabbed some food for lunch for both me and the Hubs and piled into the car. We left the house at 7:04. Now that's impressive!

I risked my life driving my kids to my Mother-in-laws for the day and headed out to work. Ok a bit dramatic..the roads were awful, but I'd much rather drive in snow than ice. Thankfully we got no ice.

I ended up getting to work on time. Here I sit. No one is here. Some are working from home, some are at a conference. It's just me. Up here, 2nd floor in our little suite. I am not cut out for an office job. I flipped out this morning because I hate having to drive in weather like this for a job I loathe. It robs me of my joy. My boss is my only saving grace. When it comes to bosses, she is with out a doubt the best. (unfortunately she is not the only one I work for)

Times like this I wish I was super artsy and creative and was able to stay home and sew, draw or paint things and sell them and make enough profit to keep nestled at home with my babies. Sigh. I'm just..not.
So today I look like this:
(I need to work on taking better self portraits via cellphone)

Outside looks like this (office window..not my office though, because I don't have an office):

Tomorrow I will look like this:

I love the red hair color (above) and the bangs (below). I'm usually risky, but this is..this is making me nervous. I'm pale, pinkish tone to my skin, freckles, blue should be a natural fit right? Then why am I panicking?
the Hubs is excited.

Pics to follow that hair appointment tomorrow. say a little prayer for me.

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  1. i am so excited about this hair cut of yours!! i ca not wait to see it on sunday!

    as far as your job goes... i was in the same place... pray. leave it all up to God. God puts everything right where it needs to be for you to accomplish what he wants you to do. i wanted to serve him better and so... i got laid off, matt got a better job, we had evvie, and i am super involved in church. it all works out you just have to have faith.