Tuesday, March 15, 2011


or lack thereof. I haven't really been inspired to blog about anything. Sure things have happened in my life, but is any of it really blog worthy? Is anything really blog worthy?! At least things that I blog about don't' seem to be. I follow plenty of blogs that I love reading--even if it's the normal "here is what I'm doing and wearing today" type of posts--I care. Why do I care? I don't know, I think I like to see other people's style--and find out where they got that shirt, dress, shoes and I like to see how other people live their life. Is it fulfilling to them? Are they doing what makes them happy? Are they hurting? Do they need prayer, a post of encouragement or a post of Congratulations?!

I'm a good follower of blogs, but I think I'm not a great blogger. I need to find more inspiration and blog about what I think people will be interested in. More pictures of my children, perhaps? Or do people find that annoying? Do I even care that people could find that annoying? (not really.) More movie recommendations? More style finds? More of me? Because isn't that what a blog is--about you?! I have read articles about the blog world being a selfish world--because essentially a blog is about you and you talk about you and you post pictures of you. But I think it goes beyond that--at least for myself and for the blogs I follow. I learn from them, get great ideas from them, style ideas, food ideas, ideas for motherhood, realize we're all human and struggle and love to reach out to them and I think it's a community of people who really do care and are genuinely interested in your life.

So hopefully I can find some inspiration and it will lead me to making this blog, a blog that is worthy of being read to give others some laughter, insight, comfort, joy, happiness and the realization that no life is perfect, but you can have fun living it.


  1. i love your blog just they way it is! it is spontaneous and you! life in the moment is just so fun to read about and i think it is funny to go back and see where you were a year ago. keep up the good work erica! you do a great job!

  2. I love your blog the way it is too! And I especially love reading about the things that interest you - fashion, art, movies, music, life, family. Those thing are you. And I love you. :)

  3. I think sometimes blogs can be over thought. I started my blog because lots of people were encouraging me to do so. Mostly because they wanted kid ideas. Since I didn't have a kid, and didn't want to be pigeon holed in to one area (food or decorating or arts and crafts), I just made it about all the things I like. Ultimately, my blog is a hobby for me. I love that people read it, but I would probably do it even if they didn't. Especially now that I'm having a baby. It's a good "journal" of sorts. I still have my old old old blog online. I haven't done anything with it in years, but it has the "in the moment" story of when Michael and I met and I think that's cool. A blog shouldn't feel like a duty or a task (although, I admit, sometimes it does to me). It should be fun. It should be for you. It should be about what you have on your heart or mind. The people who read it do so because they love you... no matter what you are talking about. Take it as it comes and enjoy! Love you Er-bear!

  4. I think your blog is gorgeous!

  5. I see blogging as a support community. I feel as close to some of my blogging friends as I do to friends I see in "real life" every day. So for me...blogging is like attending a social event. It's also a way to share my faith, which is obviously important. It also keeps friends and family updated...and yeah, I'm writing about me me me, but that's what those people want to hear about...me. If I didn't share that information with them, they would feel left out of my life. Is it possible to get overly selfish in your blogging? Yes, most definitely. But it's all about the heart. You know where your heart is when you're blogging...are you trying to brag, gossip, and/or make yourself look good? Or are you sharing the honest-to-goodness you? That's what makes the whole difference. And I think it's perfectly fine to blog about the boring, mundane stuff. After all, isn't that 90% of what friends talk about when they get together in person??

    So yeah, there's my long reply. :)