Monday, March 21, 2011

Movie Monday: What's Up Doc?

What's Up Doc? (1972)

Main Characters: Barbra Streisand and Ryan O'Neal

Storyline: Mild mannered Dr. Howard Bannister is a professor of musicology at the Ames Conservatory of Music in Ames, Iowa. With his straight laced and controlling fiancée Eunice Burns, Howard is in San Francisco to attend the Congress of American Musicologists convention hosted by Frederick Larrabee. The Larrabee Foundation has shortlisted two finalists for the $20,000 Larrabee Grant, the two being pompous Hugh Simon and Howard, whose research involves prehistoric man making music with igneous rocks. Howard's life in San Francisco is turned upside down when he meets Judy Maxwell, a klutzy, directionless but brilliant young woman whose life is spent studying at one educational institution after another, her stint at each being until she's kicked out. It's love at first sight for Judy, who does whatever she can to insinuate herself into Howard's life. Further complications ensue as Howard, Judy, wealthy Mrs. Van Hoskins and reporter Mr. Smith - the latter two who are staying at the same hotel as Howard - all have the identical red plaid overnight bag respectively carrying Howard's igneous rocks, Judy's clothes, Mrs. Van Hoskins jewels and top secret government documents, the latter two which are eyed by others who are trying to get their hands on the contents. IMBD Written by Huggo
In the space of two days he gets mixed up with a millionaire, jewel thieves, kidnappers, a spy and a government agent; accidentally sets his hotel room on fire, finds himself sitting on a grocery deliverer's bicycle inside a Chinese Dragon and ends up dressed as a Cantonese Mandarin in a car chase through the city in a stolen VW Beetle. Submitted by Lindsey
(yup got lazy with writing the storyline, one of these days I'll do it on my own!)

Bottom Line, this is one hilarious movie. You pretty much can't stop laughing through out. Streisand and O'Neal are magnificent in this movie. With her quirky, free spirit role to his naive, smart, flustered role. They are perfect together and you can really feel their chemistry. I love when movies actually do a good job casting their lead roles! (doesn't seem to happen very often)

This movie can turn a bad day into a great day. That's how good it is. I first saw it with my dearest and oldest friend Katie. We both grew up watching old movies so she knew how much I'd love this movie!

Most movies these days seem to have all the funny lines in the 30 second preview and the rest of the movie is bland, predictable and well, just not funny. This movie--has the best lines that are said throughout the entire movie. I think Katie & I could quote them all day long. Here are a few of my favorite ones:

Eunice: [while Judge Maxwell is making a list of crimes with which to charge a group of people] They tried to molest me.
Judge Maxwell: That's...
[looks at Eunice]
Judge Maxwell: unbelievable.

Delivery Boy: I want my bike back!
Judge Maxwell: I'll give you your bike back - I'll give you a broken back if you don't be quiet.

Judy: Eunice? That's a person named Eunice?

Judy: Steve, you didn't tell me you were married.
Howard: We're not married.
Judy: Congratulations.
Eunice: But we will be soon.
Judy: Condolences.

Howard: Good morning.
Mr Kaltenborn: No, I don't think so. I'm Mr Kaltenborn, the manager of what's left of the hotel.
Howard: I'm sorry about all this whole mess here. Usually this doesn't happen.
Mr Kaltenborn: Dr Bannister, I have a message for you from the staff of the hotel.
Howard: What is it?
Mr Kaltenborn: Goodbye.
Howard: That's the entire message?
Mr Kaltenborn: We would appreciate it if you would check out.
Howard: When?
Mr Kaltenborn: Yesterday.
Howard: That soon?

Eunice: What is that?
Howard: It's a bath, Eunice. I was going to take a bath.
Eunice: Since when do you take bubble baths?
Howard: It came out of the faucet that way.

(all those taken from IMDB....just to make sure I got them correct, as my memory has been less than stellar since having 2 babies!)

My favorite line (and you'll have to watch to see why) is:
Judge Maxwell: You've made me smash my Life Savers.

So PLEASE you must see this movie, it's out on DVD! Happy viewing!

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  1. Guess I don't need to read your review on this movie. Ha! How many times have I seen it? Hmmm...about a million. I just watched it the other week actually. Makes me laugh just as hard every time!!! Even looking at your pics in this post make me laugh. I heart!