Monday, April 18, 2011

baby shower weekend...

The weekend was so lovely! Had an amazing time at my cousin Bethany's baby shower! It was sweet and simple and you could feel the love everyone had for Bethany and baby (Olivia).

It was a true girls weekend as we spent the weekend eating, shopping, fellowshipping, laughing, story telling, staying up late, sleeping in and eating (hitting the workout routine hard this week!)

My cousin Sonja (16 weeks) The guest of honor, my cousin Bethany (28 weeks) and Me! She was blessed with so many great gifts! Normally she doesn't show much reaction to gifts, but I got a few good shots to show her excitement! Ohio State! Cute Onesie and cute pacifiers! Cheesecake Factory! After a long wait, an exciting encounter with many spoiled, entitled teenagers, swollen feet, growling bellies, we finally got to sit and stuff our faces!
My Mom & I after hours of successful shopping.

The food was a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

The wind was out of control, but we managed to get a good shot!

Showing off one of my new purchases. It was a step outside of my comfort zone. I selfishly kept thinking everyone was starring at me thinking "Does she really think she can pull that off?" I'm pretty sure no one cared or noticed!

It was truly a wonderful weekend and I am already missing my cousin. Even though she lived 3 hours from me while in Columbus, OH, I saw her frequently. Now that she's in Texas, I know our visits will be less frequent and that I'll have to cherish them even more. This weekend I did. She will make an amazing mother and I can't wait to see that relationship unfold.

Love you Bethany and can't wait to see little Olivia!

(I'd also like to state that this only made my baby fever..WORSE.)


  1. Looks like a great weekend! And it sounds like that baby fever is going to kill ya!