Thursday, May 26, 2011

feeling creative...

Lately work wise, I have been in a major funk, I can have a pile of work and just stare and it and yawn. It's boring work, whether I have a lot or a little.

But when it comes to my home and painting and drawing, I can just feel the creativity bursting at its seams! I have so many ideas for my home and for my personal style! I just lack all the income needed to achieve all my creative ideas. Which is why I'm ok starting small and building up to what I want. To buy piece by piece and really shop around. I'm hoping that the style of a home (and wardrobe) I want to create will last a long time. After all, I lived with my love of palm tree/Tuscan style for 8 years! (I did love it when I first got married, no doubt, but again, it's not me anymore).

I think maybe my posts have become filled with my creative ideas for home style. I just can't help it. It seems to be overflowing in my brain lately. It sort of keeps my thoughts happy and in a dreaming state!

I have so many ideas on my Pinterst board, but I think I have really narrowed in on the style I really want to create in my home. (I do think however, that most of my ideas will be displayed in my new home, once we build it, like forever from now.)

If you've known me for awhile, color has always been filled in my bedrooms and even on my clothes (most notably my punk rock stage, loose glitter on my eyes? heck yes.) Ok so lately my wardrobe is pretty much, grays, blacks and whites--BUT as far as my decorating style, I have always loved bright colors. My last house I went with neutral walls, knowing we wouldn't be there forever, and at the time, the future-real estate agent I wanted to be, I knew that was the best way to sell it again, going neutral. I didn't want to repaint the giant great room again in a few years. Even my current house, I went with some more neutral colors (we didn't pain the upstairs at all). I also went with colors that went well with my current furniture. I didn't repaint our living room, it was already a light brownish color, again that matched well with my palm tree decor. I did repaint our Kitchen, to white. Yup, plain white. Why? We have glorious blue counter tops and what goes well with blue, but white. (And the fact that the walls were hideously yellow and blue sponge painted!) Boring, I know. Maybe that's why my brain is bursting with creative colorful ideas! I'm not neutral.

So here are a few of my favorite pictures that I'm really leaning towards the style. I am really loving the idea of painting furniture (as my current dining room set is ugly and I'd love to tackle those chairs!). It's all so exciting, yet so daunting. A lot of ideas and a lot of things to redo.

I'm going to try to find as many as these bad boys as I can!

I am so in love with this kitchen.

I love this even more. The pops of color! I want to get all those awesome dishes!

I will be trying to find all things vintage! Thrifting here I come!

I love painted furniture and I'm seriously going to do this!

unless I can find a table like this one. I love that table!

It's amazing what a coat of paint can do!

I realize this style is not for everyone! Maybe that's why I love it! I may not go all out with the colored walls and colored furniture in the same room. I do love the idea of pops of bright colors with light colored walls (maybe even light colors, not just beige or white or gray). I can't help but to look at all these rooms and smile! So back to Thrifting I go! It used to be such fun as a punk rock chick in high school. Finding cool clothes and items. Who wants to go thrifting with me?!

Oh and my new camera came yesterday. Isn't she gorgeous?! I can't wait to start figuring it out, a lot more features than my last one!

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