Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I had zero inspiration on Monday regarding movies. I couldn't come up with anything that most people haven't seen and would love to see. Now, I have a pretty big list of old movies, but I wanted to think of current ones too...and well, I just couldn't.

My oldest and dearest friend, Katie, suggested I do kids movies! I never thought of that! Brilliant! There are a lot of kids movies I don't care for and a lot I do. Since today is a cloudy, rainy, blah day, I decided to do a movie that I don't care for, and give you reasons why. Seems to fit my mood!

Kids movies are so tricky to choose these days, and it's sad to even have to say that. You think it will be cute and appropriate and then it turns out to be nothing more than a cartoon with sexual innuendos, violence and inappropriate language (yes, I'm throwing, stupid and butthead into that category!)

Movie: Happy Feet (2006)

This is the story of a little penguin named Mumble who has a terrible singing voice and later discovers he has no Heartsong. However, Mumble has an astute talent for something that none of the penguins had ever seen before: tap dancing. Though Mumble's mom, Norma Jean, thinks this little habit is cute, his dad, Memphis, says it "just ain't penguin." Besides, they both know that, without a Heartsong, Mumble may never find true love. As fate would have it, his one friend, Gloria, happens to be the best singer around. Mumble and Gloria have a connection from the moment they hatch, but she struggles with his strange "hippity- hoppity" ways. Mumble is just too different--especially for Noah the Elder, the stern leader of Emperor Land, who ultimately casts him out of the community. Away from home for the first time, Mumble meets a posse of decidedly un-Emperor-like penguins--the Adelie Amigos... Written by Anthony Pereyra

Ok so if you read the plot, the message seems good. For everyone to love and accept each other, if they seem "different" to try and find that persons talent and encourage them. The movie (to me) just doesn't seem to focus on the real message. It is so heavily filled with sexual innuendos it's sickening. The picture I wanted to post, I couldn't find online. This is the best one I could find, and I believe it's the same scene of the picture I had in mind. Mumble and Gloria are on top of each other sliding on the ice and in the water..on top of each other. They aren't "together" yet they have this sexual tension, that is obvious, to the viewer. She can't seem to get past the idea that he can't sing and listens to everyone else that he is different and she shouldn't be with him, till the end of course, when she realizes it doesn't matter that he's different she loves him.

My son likes the movie, of course he doesn't always get it, but doesn't mean he won't as he gets older. I just couldn't bear to watch the movie anymore. (not mention Nicole Kidman's voice is worse than hearing nails on a chalkboard!) I don't want Ryan to get it. I got rid of the movie and told the in-laws (my parents don't own it) that he is not allowed to watch it. The movie seemed more about sex and love then acceptance, and for a children's movie that is something I WON'T accept!

Ok, sure most of the kid movies out there are about a Princess meeting a Prince, they fall in love, the end. However, have you seen Cinderella? Snow White? Beauty & The Beast? There is virtually zero sexual innuendos. They see the Prince, and fall in love and that's it. No being on top of each other slipping on ice!

I just can't get over how sexualized children's movies are these days! The preview for Rio even shocked me. The bird bouncing off a woman's butt (in a bikini)! While it seems humorous, this movie is Rated G. Call me old fashioned, if you will, but I think that is a bit inappropriate for young eyes to see, cartoon or not. I think more than ever we need to protect our children's eyes, heart, and mind. The world is doing enough to make our kids grow up sooner than ever. I can try to do my part to protect as much as I can.

So basically, I don't care for this movie. It's a tad boring, annoying (ugh Kidman's voice) and really overly sexualized for a child. I'm sure some of you love the movie and maybe don't see what I see, but to me it's not going to be viewed by my children......and I'm "Happy".


  1. For some reason, this review cracked me up!!!
    I have never seen the movie before and knew absolutely nothing about it. So, the first line of the plot - "This is the story of a little penguin named Mumble who has a terrible singing voice and later discovers he has no Heartsong..." - made me die laughing because it already sounded a little absurd from the top.

    But then your additional comments above don't make me want to see it either. These are the kind of movies I will definitely be looking out for when we have kids! Thanks!


  2. I'm with ya, girl. I think I am going to be super picky about what Krew watches. Dave is probably going to think I'm ridiculous, but I seriously don't approve of half of the kids movies these days, either.