Friday, May 20, 2011

Camera Love.

I had to unwilling part ways with my old camera. I cried, I whined, I prayed, I forgave (that dirty scumbag).

In all honesty, I hated my old camera. I mean, it was nice to have, I took thousands of pictures, it did its purpose. It would not however, take a dang picture as soon I pressed the button. Imagine, a camera snapping the photo as soon as you press the button? I dreamed about it. All.the.time. I begged and whined some more to The Hubs that I needed a new camera. He kept telling me, your camera is just fine, you just don't know how to work it. (yeah right.)

Then, in a twist of fate (or a scumbag, dirty rotten, no moral compass, what goes around comes around, little creep) would have it. I now need a new camera.

I think I found "The One." We looked at Target and I was testing as many cameras as I could. I stumbled upon this:

Canon PowerShot X230 hs. (insert boring details here)

Ok so I'm not into the big details, because I'm not that kind of gal. Give me the functions I want and I don't care about pixels and LCD, and whatever else comes with the sucker. I'll let The Hubs figure that one out.

The main function I adore is the Pets/Kids function. Behold! My one true love! (in regards to technology) It actually takes the photo the instant you press the button! So you can capture the moment instantly. Amazing, right?! I know! I wanted to kiss the camera and hold it tight. We were meant to be.

Of course in all relationships, you always run into snags along the way. This baby is a cool $349.00. Considering buying this is what I call an "unexpected" expense, it's hard to swallow throwing down that much cash when it's hasn't been saved up/budgeted for. Which is why I still don't have a camera after losing it a week ago. But! And it's a good one! We thankfully have enough saved up for it...but we're also still going to wait a bit longer. We looked at it online 3 days ago. It was $280.00. We just never got around to ordering it, because The Hubs likes to shop around and compare prices and all that junk. Since he is sometimes a diligent shopper, the price has gone up in the 3 day span. So we're going to wait (impatiently) to see if it drops down again in the (near) future.

Then. Then it will be mine.

Anyone own this beauty? Like it? Hate it? It got great reviews online, so I'm hopeful!

Take that you scumbag, I hope you are enjoying my lame old camera and it's annoying the crap out of you just as much as it annoyed me. Jokes on you!

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  1. Oooh I hope you get it! How exciting. :) It looks like a really nice camera. It's like a mini DSLR. you should get great pictures using it. :)