Monday, May 16, 2011

this weekend was a bust...

No pictures to share today. Why? Well because my camera got stolen. Yup, right in FRONT OF ME. It was at the Garage Sale I was helping my Mother-in-law with. I had it in front of me along with snacks, a book, kids sippy cups, kids toys, etc. I know it happened when I was calculating change, as the man looked at me funny and quickly left. Only later did I realize it was missing (Molly was doing something cute that I just had to capture). I filed a report and then cried. All my pictures (thousands) gone, forever. All my SD cards were in my case. Now, when I was done wiping away my tears and took a deep breath, I realized I DIDN'T care that my actual camera was gone. It was the pictures of my children that bothered me. (Thankfully all pictures were downloaded on Thursday, the only pictures I lost were the ones taken earlier in the day.) My innocent children--my children being born, in the bath tub, on the potty, things like that. There are scumbag perverted people out there...ya know where I'm heading? I can only pray (and believe me I PRAYED HARD) that the scumbag just deleted all the SD cards so he could pawn them off along w/ the camera (yes, I believe that is what he did/will do). I will never understand that thought process of a person who steals something from someone and doesn't think it's wrong. I do know, there are consequences for your actions and I believe God will take care of that part!

In all honesty, I'm not sad about my camera being gone (I wanted a new one anyway--I have been bugging The Hubs to get me a new one, that actually takes the picture when you press the button! Imagine that?!) it's just knowing that someone has possession of all my pictures of my family.

Aside from that, I made less than $50 at the Garage Sale. It was a BUST. Which just added insult to injury. I spent the money already.
I still gave away all my stuff and will continue to clear out my home and get rid of all the "things" that just clutter up my house. I'm still going to move ahead on my plan to redecorate. I can get all the things I want bit by bit, and plan to do so at a lot of flea markets, swap meets and antiquing. For now, I'm loving my bare walls. Gives me inspiration!

In closing: I will never again hold a Garage Sale. Giving is where it's at.

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  1. Aw girl, so sorry things didn't turn out as you wanted them to with the garage sale, and that's horrible about your camera!!

    About the sale, at least you made $50 more than you would have if you'd just given it all away. And hopefully you got to spend some good quality family time with your mom-in-law. I'm so glad you had downloaded your pictures recently so you didn't totally lose them...but yes I can definitely understand your concern with some creep having all the pictures of your children. Yuck yuck yuck. Hopefully he will just delete them and sell the stuff as you said.

    Poor girly. I'll send up a prayer for you tonight.