Thursday, May 5, 2011

when you have anxiety.....

it helps to look at pretty things--or more importantly think about an upcoming vacation that will take me away from here and bring me to the land of sunshine and palm trees!

I am almost ready for it. I have a few (ok a lot) of summer clothes to purchase. Which given the reason why, is not such a bad thing. I just don't have anything that fits. Rarely do I get to have that problem go in my favor, usually it's because I gained, not lost. So since I have lost (and hope to lose some more before we go) I don't have anything. (Right now I'm wearing 2 pairs of jeans on the weekends and a few pairs yoga pants to work!)

So here are a few pretty things that I'm dreaming about getting for vacation! Hope they brighten your day too!

Happy Friday!

Yes I realize I have some small obsession with stripes (and glitter), it really is a problem and I'm not sure how to solve it.

(see I have stripe issues)

all these pretty things can be found on Pinterest

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  1. Cute stuff! Those shoes are ADORABLE! I understand your anxiety crap. I have dealt with spats of it a few times too in the last couple years. It's awful. I will be praying for you girl.