Tuesday, June 21, 2011

busy busy busy.....

What a busy weekend it was. I'm not even sure how I'm awake and functioning!

Hair, showing houses, day at the land, showing more houses, Ryan gets a haircut, shopping for vacation, shopping for Father's Day, finding all needed documents for vacation, laundry, baths, food, cleaning, packing, church, lunch at the parents, camera screen broke, oh and 2 more showings thrown in there somewhere. I also had a showing last night. This one led to an offer I'm going to submit today.

I don't think my week could get any busier before vacation. Oh did I mention yesterday I got poked, prodded, measured and weighed for my new part time job? I turned my head for the weight part, I just don't want to know. Yup I'm official. Name badge and everything.

Molly loves to eat. But who wouldn't want to eat my mom's famous (well in our family) Boston Creme Pie?

A few hours at the land. My dad owns property in the country and they just put in a pond and pole barn. The kids loved it out there.

Oh bonus: We get a lot of the land to build on. Free. Too bad the house that we will build won't be!

Molly learning to swim. She just loved it out there. Swimming lessons are in their future. Near future.

Saturday. Saturday we fly out. I can't wait to show you my list as everything is crossed off. I have a few things crossed off and I'm already feeling a sense of accomplishment.

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  1. Man, if you used some of the cool effects in picasa and changed that picture of Molly and your dad getting out of the water (to look like an old school pic)--it could look like you and grandpa! :)