Monday, June 13, 2011

I won.....

a giveaway! I enter TONS of giveaways at the HUNDREDS of blogs I follow. I'm not a winner (sorry, NOT winning) so I never think twice about entering and most of the time forget to check back to see if I won.

To my surprise, I actually won a giveaway! It was on the blog ohdeardrea which I actively read (love her honesty, style, vegan recipes and she's one strong mama!) And it was a great one! I got TWO dresses from Starbugaloo! Their dresses are made with love with vintage fabrics! I really wanted to win this giveaway as I loved all her dress on her Etsy shop. So I was thrilled when I saw that I won! Which of course means, I will continue to enter all the giveaways that I read about. I think I enter at least 1 or 2 a DAY. Insanity, I know. I got the dresses pretty much right away, I think 2 days after I found out?! Talk about amazing. I did have to explain to The Hubs that I have a blog and that they do giveaways on blogs. I still don't think he understands!

Here is Molly modeling one of the dresses she won. I'll have to snap her pic in the other one as soon as she gets a chance to wear it. She wore this one on Sunday. She stayed comfy and cool all day long. Let's just say, I loved the giveaway (thanks Drea!) and I love this shop!


  1. That's awesome! The dresses look adorable. I never win anything either, but I enter a ton of give-aways just in case! Joey wins stuff all the time. He just won us a free icecream maker last week. I told him he should play the lottery. ;)

  2. No way, and Ice cream maker?!!! Oh man, we'll have to make some ice cream when we visit!!! No fair on winning so much--yeah I keep entering and entering! Seems it paid off for me :) Hope you win something soon!

  3. SUPER cute dress! What a great prize! I love hosting giveaways because I know how happy it makes me to win.

    PS Your family is so adorable!