Tuesday, June 14, 2011

list lovin'....

It's no secret. I LOVE lists. I love creating them, I love writing them out. I love crossing things off. I love adding already accomplished tasks just so I can cross them off. I love making them as detailed as possible. I love everything about them. I am lovin' lists.

I think it's a genetic thing. I have many family members that are also list lovers. What is life with out lists? Grocery lists? Task lists? Home Organization lists? And of course Vacation packing lists (that's the list above). They are my favorite. I love writing out each item I want to pack. I have never forgotten anything thanks to my OCD vacation packing list. It really is an art.

I am so excited to start packing (11 days! but who's counting?) so I can cross off all the items I intend to cram into 3 carry-ons and 1 giant suitcase and maybe a duffel bag thrown in for good measure. I'd like to say I'm a pro at packing too. I can get anything to fit. Being gone for 2 FULL weeks, I have to really use my fine art in cramming junk into a suitcase.

I was honestly giddy while writing out those lists. One for each person, plus a Carry-On list! The Hubs didn't understand why I started writing the list so soon and why I was so excited. Excitement. I honestly couldn't wait to start writing my lists. So I did. And it felt good.

This week? Finish up the laundry on some of the main items I'm packing and start crossing off items on my list. Yes! (insert fist pump here)


  1. I'm a list person to the N-th degree. It runs in the family. I still have notebooks with vacation lists of what to pack from Jr High and High School. So, I'm with ya!

  2. I LOVE MY LISTS!! and i add stuff i already did just to cross it off too! <3

  3. Oh - I can totally relate! LOVE LISTS, can't live without them

  4. You know I love lists! I have about three or four going right now. My hospital bags are packed and laying on the top of each is a neatly wrote out list of the items that must be put it at the last minute. :)

  5. oh my gosh. i'm totally obsessed with lists too. Really. i even love looking at this picture of your lists! aha

  6. oh my goodness Britney, I know EXACTLY what you mean, looking at lists makes me want to create lists!!!