Wednesday, June 15, 2011

oil slick....

My face is one giant oil slick. I mean grease a pan and cook bacon on it oil slick. It's been this way my whole life. I've always been prone to zits and they seem to get worse with every child I have. I have tried hundreds (a slight exaggeration) of products that claim this that and the other. NOTHING worked. Nothing. I would have dry patches with some products and the zits would just lay on top as if they were mocking me. (nothing will get rid of me!) With in the last 2 months I've gone through 3 different products. All failed to meet my standards. Until....

I went to Lush. I'm a HUGE fan of Lush. I love their all natural products. I normally get their solid shampoo and solid lotion bars. (they make me smell yummy!) I had a giftcard burning a hole in my overstuffed wallet and went to see what new goodies they had. Turns out, they had quite a few new goodies. One being this: Coalface cleanser. It has actual coal pieces in it people! It works best for oily skin. (me! me!) This is my miracle. I'm not kidding. My face is no longer oily. I mean, I honestly don't have to wipe my face (or wash) it in the middle of the day. I don't have to reapply my makeup that has slid off my face in 3 hours after I put it on. It's a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

I also got a facial mask. It's called Cupcake. (image found here. It was not on Lush's website)

This thing smells like mint chocolate brownies and it zaps even more oil! It's all natural so it has to be stored in the fridge and lasts a maximum of 3 weeks. It's also a great price, I snagged mine for under $6!

I have also noticed I break out much less often than I normally do, and seeing as I've only used the stuff for 2 short weeks, I can only imagine what it will continue to do to improve my skin.

Just my simple review on an amazing product. Lush has no clue who I am, or could care less, but to all my fellow oil slicks out there, this post is for you!


  1. What about for people who have to put lotion on their skin every day because it gets so dry but yet they're covered in zits between the dry patches???? Will this Coalface cleanser work for me or just dry out my face?

  2. Oh no, this product would seriously dry out your face if you already have dry patches. It's really made for really oily skin.

    go to Lush's website and check these out: Aqua Marina (cleanser) for Sensitive skin; Angels on Bare Skin (cleanser) for All types; Skin Drink (moisturizer) for dry skin or Skin's Shangri La also for dry skin!

    I also like Herbalism, that is good for all skin types and for breakouts. I've used that before and loved it, but coalface really helps w/ the oil--which lessens my breakouts!!

  3. ooh that stuff is lookin' good to eat too. hahaha.