Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Beach Day

Next up was a day at the beach. You would think going to California with California natives, that they would pick a great beach. We went to Oxnard. It was chilly and overcast most of the time there. We didn't stay very long and I think my annoyance showed. Well I don't think, it did. I even said (in a joking tone of course) "Ok, who picked Oxnard?" Knowing full well who picked it. I thought having kids was supposed to make your patience for people and patience in general grow? I still lack it, boy do I still lack it.

The kids however, loved it. Molly was meant for the water. She just couldn't get out of it and pretty much didn't want to leave! Ryan, while he enjoyed it, had a better time digging in the sand. He's still a little timid when it comes to getting in the water further than his ankles.

I wish I could say we made it to a better beach later in the trip. Sadly, no. The time just seemed to slip away and the beach wasn't high on our agenda of things to do. Ok well it was high on my agenda, but apparently not anyone elses. Am I still bitter about it? Nope. (ok a little)

More on our trip tomorrow!


  1. Haha you're funny. I'm glad you got to make it to at least one beach, even if it wasn't the best. :)

  2. I love the beach pictures. Sorry it was the best choice of beach - but at least the kids had fun! And that counts for something. I would love to visit CA - beach or no beach. So, I'm jealous. Love your humor too. :)