Thursday, July 14, 2011

City Walk, Roscoe's, LA Ink & Mi Familia

The next few days were pretty typical. Sight See. The best? Watching the crazies at City Walk and the Sunset Strip. We ate at this famous place (yes I felt a bit umm...shall we say....misplaced?) that is basically a heart attack on the plate. I love me some corn bread and there's I must admit was pretty fantastic. The waffle (or the part I ate) stuck to my ribs for like a week. ugh.

Heading down the strip we drove past High Voltage--you know LA Ink? No? Yeah, I only watched the first season. Anyway, I'm sure you do know Kat Von D. We stopped in because, I mean it's famous, right? We walked in and there was like another couple in there and that was it. So I assumed Kat was not present (and asked). Yup. Not there. But the place was amazing to look at, and we flipped through the artists tattoo books and my brother-in-law got a T-shirt.

Then it was a BBQ at Mi Familia's house (ok The Hubs Aunt & Uncle's house) to have a typical "Mexican BBQ" I quote this from my mother-in-law. I guess it's custom to have these shindigs in the front yard. Not sure why, but the food was good and so was the fellowship, so who cares?

Some low key days are necessary on vacation, considering the next day was beyond tragic. I have to save a whole post for that one. If you are an animal lover, then you are forewarned.

I haven't forgotten, I will explain the camera situation later on too. You can see by the quality, I wasn't too good at judging depth. I decided zoom was not my friend anymore.

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