Friday, August 12, 2011


Terrible: I have been terrible at updating my blog lately. Now that I'm not working full time (and have full access to Internet ALL day long) I have been slacking. Our computer at home has lots of viruses, so it's not usable. In search of a good but CHEAP laptop. I have switched to part time work after all and money isn't really rolling in for us! Hopefully we'll get one soon, then I'll be up and running more often, like every day!

Good: I sold a house. Well, almost. It's not sold until you are at closing. Praying we get to the closing with no hiccups along the way! So I guess this could go either way.

Terrible: My camera is still broken and I have yet to get it fixed. One of these days.

Good: I'm pregnant. Yup. 7 weeks along. It was a shock (CA baby! :) ) but we're thrilled. Pictures and details to follow (going with a Birthing Center this time around) can't wait to share all about what I'm going to endure this time around, seeing as it will be our last!

*Seriously--anyone else show extremely early with their 3rd? I swear I was showing like at 5 weeks!


  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY congratulations!!!! :) I love how you just threw it in there, like, "oh btw I'm pregnant". Silly girl.

    And um, I showed at 5 weeks with my FIRST so really don't feel bad. :)

  2. Sorry, this is a late comment, but I'm SOOOO excited that you are prego! Can't wait to know if it's a boy or girl and all that jazz. Keep me in the loop. :)